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Cherie Chung - May Elle (HK)

Interview with Cherie Chung, excerpts translated via Google:

ELLE: Film Festival this year, launched the restoration of the "Golden Years" [Lost Romance] is a play 23  years ago, is one of your classics, but also remember that the shooting situation?

Cherie Chung: I remember I was also shot six, seven games [scenes], very tired every day, not in the state. However, there is no so-called young at that time, and now getting to the course. Kick before filming, and even assistants did not, himself a man carrying a big bag to the studio, what should do their own make-up hair, was really hard, do not know why a person may take into account so much work. So before all of the makeup was a mess.

ELLE: Yang Fan recalled earlier in the year after the screening of film footage, referred to you, then you really describe the pure, and even saw a snail without a shell, a half-day will be sad.

CC: Because I really like nature, like animals, childhood is the case. I age great began to see what the chickens no matter ah, ah Rabbit, and even turtles keeping will take home, so scary, so I brought my mother every time I see animals home to dizziness. I think I'm with plants, animals get along better than with people. If the animals die, I always have been crying, sad for a long time. Impressed me most was a cactus, a few students above the seed ball, I see it every day will feel very happy. Then one day when my mother accidentally been met, the two seed knocked off the ball, I still remember the painful feeling. (And now pets?) Have, there have been cats, sometimes two and sometimes three, and now the remaining one.

ELLE: "Golden Years" theme is a lifelong friendship, you have in real life, not as Southern Sun, locks this long-lasting, with those friends?

CC: Yes, although I do not know whether it will go all the way, at least until now, everyone's feelings are still very good. I think that trust each other, not easy to ingratiate themselves with friends, at least to have some time to grow together with each other, we thought close, have similar interests in order to become friends for life.

ELLE: meeting with friends most do? Go to high tea?

CC: I do not high tea, and I think that is a waste of time. If I would prefer to go to tea at home.Would always choose to go out hiking or do sports, because I like outdoor, even if the friends around me I would choose an outdoor tea. Unless it is to discuss matters, otherwise I will not let myself stay in the hotel lobby or restaurant.

ELLE: In recent years, have re-read your work?

CC: No, I do not see, did not dare look. As always feel that they have many deficiencies, it will feel very embarrassed. Sometimes happens on the TV to see, I only slightly by chance, immediately change the channel.

ELLE: Do you like movies?

CC: Very much. (Will go to cinema to see?) Yes, I would go to the majority of cinema, I will respect the film maker. I like movies, because the film contains a video, music, literature, and many other elements. I do not think the other kind of art can be complete, it is an experience of life. Can be in such a short period of time presents a life, I think the film is really amazing.

ELLE: Are there plans to play? [return to movie making]

CC: still no, I do not shoot the day from the start I was very clear, I think there is another stage of life, the other to do something. Although a person with so much life experience, the going will be even better acting, but I still think, the Asian and Asian film actress not to go to some level of ⋯ ⋯ most people, even myself, is like watching the young handsome boys & girls. So, although I really like movies, but really did not intend to make another movie. In fact, to find a suitable movie role and the script is not easy, after all, people grew so far, with a very rich life experience, and not too casual, too difficult to have a script to impress me.

ELLE: But in recent years to find a lot of you people should play it!

CC: There are some, in fact, we all know that I will not be filming of the movie. But every time I attend public activities, will ask. I do not make a movie not because I do not like, I got married to and from the entertainment circle, never felt a waste, it will not nostalgia past the scenery. At that time, I think, to go to other people do not know me, I do not know where, how much better. I was allowed to start a new life, free to do what you want to do. Also, I do not want to affect my other half, because my other half who is also a focus on privacy. I am actually very naive to think people forget about me, but the original is no.

ELLE: If the free play, then you will want to be a kind of role?

CC: Actually, very limited, I can not play costume drama, (but you have been in the Golden Swallow it!) Then make a movie for many reasons, not I want to make the play. Probably because I hit, there is value that sell well, there are many favors to repay, before the movie industry is. In fact, I is not in tune with the costume, big nose and big mouth and big eyes, costume were not so, you see the woman in the painting is not the case, Westerners seem to play the Chinese people, ha ha.

ELLE: the days do not work, how would you arrange a day?

CC: very easy, time always flies. There was a time schedule because the schedule is too close, so I saw the schedule to panic. In recent years considered the normal point, before I am afraid to see schedule, do not want to have a timetable, because in the past is no private time, the schedule is filled to your people, you do this do that. I remember making a lot of time to play, my request is very small, only to go home, shower, even can not, only to find the bathroom in the hotel as soon as possible. So there is a long time I do not like to see the timetable, fear agenda, in recent years that a man should be planning, began to do more projects

Cherie like nature is an open secret, over the past decade she has spared no effort to actively support environmental protection activities, respect for life, but also respect for mother earth for everything.

ELLE: know you like gardening, plant your favorite what?

CC: My favorite daffodil fragrance and elegant, I love the diversity of roses, love camellias. At home is also a kind of plant, what plants I like, I think in this world, there are many colors you can say is beautiful, not beautiful, like, do not like to put it in a fashion above may become old-fashioned cheesy, but in the nature What color are the United States, although I always choose black and white clothes to wear gray, but any color in nature is very beautiful. (When you shoot your boyfriend that the tree is) Ha ha ha, yes, I treat plants that are very serious, because I really treasure, loved trees, whenever there is something I have respect for life, will appreciate its beauty.

ELLE: know how you like food, will cook?

CC: it will, I am a tight taste of food, I almost have to correct, so I will not cook very often, especially when there is a good material. My taste is very sensitive, and often just to eat some food, I can it break down, what materials inside seasoning, back home can make a similar dish, in this respect I do have some talent. In addition, I also like visiting the markets and grocery stores, go to the world, whether in Spain or Italy, I will also visit the local markets. (There is no good dishes?) I can not say, but most of the time I'm a vegetarian, they will get a lot of different salads, different dressing, cooking will be big row before the feast, is now rare.

ELLE: There are ceramic personally get it?

CC: No play, now more like the collection of ceramics, like to see also like to buy, especially like the Song Dynasty style, like the kind of colour tone. What I like ceramics, and there would buy a few cups saucer dish back.

ELLE: so many programs to make their own arrangements, feel that they considered a Pa Jimo person.

CC: Actually, I really enjoyed lonely, may usually be too much happening around, it will not be bored. I like to see the exhibition and enjoy the paintings, turning book of photographs, in fact, little enough time to buy food markets also spend half a day to buy, the more it would take to cook all day.

ELLE: It's still enjoying work?

CC: Enjoy, I am familiar with the camera. I do not know the reasons, even if the years do not shoot, I'll stand in front of the camera is natural and not feel strange. (That year, in addition to outside when the spokesperson, there are no other plans?) There are some, are their own, such as charitable, environmental protection.

ELLE: Are there special daily maintenance procedures?

CC: Usually I'm lazy, it will not do a lot of maintenance work, but now they have to do treatment, do a three weeks, finished with good results. I love the sun, in fact, often the sun on the skin is not very good, but I can't help, because the sun is like a hormone, like me, there will be very happy. Also, I do not coated skin care products, and usually do not make, I think we should let the skin for yourself regenerate collagen, and not drink anything, eat anything, what supplies coated, so that the skin will not help with this . You will be personally active cell movement, drink plenty of water, stimulate the cell to make it wake up.

Blessing For Japan

For Japan, this catastrophe occurred, Cherie sad apart, I also hope the Japanese victims in cheer as soon as possible, re-home.

This time, Cherie in particular brought a cherry taken by her photos and write some encouraging words for the victims brought the greatest blessings:

Dear Japan
Believe in a beautiful tomorrow.
Love you.
Cherie Chung


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