Friday, January 1, 2010

1.1.2010 - News

LATimes: RZA's new rap: filmmaker, (2)
With no small amount of backup from a cadre of top-flight filmmakers -- including independent cinema luminary Jarmusch and Hong Kong action movie ace John Woo, but most significantly, Tarantino -- the RZA-rector, as he is sometimes known, is now in final preparations for his debut as a writer-director, "The Man With the Iron Fist."

'Curiosity Killed the Cat' Director, Zhang Yibai, Netted for Drug Use

Feces thrown at Edison at Xmas party
HONG Kong actor Edison Chen, whose pictures in various compromising positions with several female stars circulated in the Internet last year, had faeces thrown at him at a Christmas party in Hong Kong.
Sin Chew Daily reported that a man held a bucket of faeces and went up to the stage hoping to empty it on him.
Fortunately, Chen saw itcoming and managed to quickly move aside.
He ended up with only drops of faeces on his clothes.
The incident shook the Chinese entertainment world just like the exposure of Chen’s sex photos scandal last year. The man was arrested.
New Year's Eve photos of Edison in Hong Kong HD slide show (11) (Sina)

Sammi Cheng's New Year's Eve concert HD slide show (27)(Sina)

Fan Bingbing bedding adverts (Xinhua)

Yan Ni

Yan Ni (Cow, Three Guns) (Xinhua)

Zhang Ziyi 1996
An advert with Zhang Ziyi shot in 1996 to promote mustard plants. Zhang only appears for a few seconds. It was first broadcast across the country in 1997. The article says that the advert is still being shown on television. (Xinhua)

Faye Wong attended Na Ying's New Year's Eve concert in Beijing (Sina)

SCMP: See an interview with Taiwanese star Jay Chou, the star in the new film release "The Treasure Hunter"

SCMP: Cosmopolitan's January 2010 cover with Malay-Chinese beauty Angelica Lee

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