Friday, January 1, 2010

Midnight Taxi Stills, Posters

Jordan Chan

After six days, dark horse thriller Midnight Taxi has reaped RMB$8M at the box office. Production was shot in just 20 days. ( (Sina)


Midnight Taxi, an aptly named and terrifying thriller, marks the debut of young mainland director Zhang Jiangnan. Adapted from an online novel of the same title, the movie tells the story of a Beijing-based taxi driver's encounter with a mysterious woman and the series of accidents that occur. Scriptwriter Zhang uses all the traditional horror elements, such as darkness, blood and sudden illusions, but also leaves a lot of room for the viewers' imagination. Viewers can find traces of Japanese horror movies, such as the classic The Ring.

The movie star Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan and mainland actress Deng Ziyi in the lead roles. Chan, who is famous for playing the funny nobody in Hong Kong gangster movies, manages to draw the laughs even while acting scared, as when he realizes..[snip]. Newcomer Deng proves she can be more than a beautiful face. Midnight Taxi is the only horror movie of 2009. Despite some logical weaknesses in the script, the movie is still worth watching.


beyondasiaphilia said...

re: midnight taxi. oops, spoilers in that little capsule review, or maybe not. glad to see jordan chan in an interesting movie---guess he's learned to speak mandarin? although he's sung in mandarin for years, iirc.

dleedlee said...

Thanks for pointing it out, snipped, just in case. By the time I get around to watching it, though, I might have forgotten it. Memory loss has its advantages!