Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1.19.2010 - News

14 Blades poster

Wu Zun - more beautiful?

Donnie Yen - more MAN(ly)?
Media preview screening was held in Shanghai yesterday. Women journalists swooned at the sight of Donnie Yen's chest and Wu Zun's abdominal muscles.  (Sina) (2) (3)

God of Wealth Arrives poster
Stills featuring Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Chang Chen (8)(Sina)

Guangdong, Jan.18, Zhou Xun, Chow Yun-Fat

Confucius - Guangzhou opening ceremony HD(24)(Sina)

Confucius fails to impress critics
The film has aroused several controversies since it was launched in early 2008, from casting Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius, to trailers that revealed action scenes during which Confucius exhibits Chinese martial arts and a love affair with Nan Zi (played by Zhou Xun) unfolds. Carrying high expectations, the final-cut of the film was disappointing with the much-anticipated action scenes deleted and most of the controversy removed.

True Legend - fight scene in 30M well HD slide show (15)(Sina)

CRI: Tang Wei Renews Her Image in New Film

CRI: Feng Xiaogang's IMAX Film "Aftershocks" to Hit N. America Cinemas
Director Feng Xiaogang's upcoming film "Aftershocks", scheduled for release on July 28 across Asia, will be shown in North America simultaneously, reports the Oriental Morning Post.

Cheung Tat-Ming to direct If I Had 3 Million
Following a stellar career spanning more than 80 movies, Cheung Tat-Ming, one of Hong Kong’s brightest comedy stars, will make his directorial debut in If I Had 3 Million, a Mandarin language motion picture aimed at redefining a new standard in mainland comedy filmmaking and set for production in May 2010...

Jordan Chan cried non-stop when he proposed to girlfriend Cherrie Ying

Nick Cheung forks out HK$200,000 in bid to get male heir

THR: 'Avatar' now No. 1 all-time in China
Exhibitors discounted Internet rumors that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television would pull all "Avatar" prints from theaters on Jan. 23 to open more screens for the China Film Group's feature "Confucius," about the 6th Century BC Chinese philosopher...there are now 800 "Avatar" 3D prints in China.
UK: China censors to pull Avatar from screens
CRI: Avatar Paves the Way for Boomtime at Chinese Cinemas

ESWN: MTR Subway Pole Dancer


ewaffle said...

"According to the Hong Kong police, it is illegal to take photos inside the subway system without the permission of the MTR. An investigation is underway."

I wonder if it is illegal to swing by one's knees from a horizontal rail in an MTR subway car while being the subject of a photograph.

Perhaps the Public Affairs division of the Hong Kong police will issue regular updates on this story.

dleedlee said...

I wonder if it is illegal to swing by one's knees from a horizontal rail in an MTR subway car while being the subject of a photograph.

Well, don't stop on my account!