Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.12.2010 - News

Alex Law and Mabel Cheung's Echoes of the Rainbow will be competing at the Berlin Film Festival (Feb.11-21)(Sina)

Patrick Tse (Sina)

Zhou Shiya, Simon Yam
The Simon Yam affair in Hangzhou continued to ruminate as additional reports surface. Originally, the woman photographed going to a hotel with Simon was said to be only a staffer accompanying his entourage. Later, the woman was identified as a mainland actress Zhou Shiya. In phone interviews with Hong Kong press, Simon said that he did not know her but that she simply followed the entourage into the hotel, implying that she was a publicity seeker. Now a photo has surfaced showing the pair together and it is reported that they have, at least, a working relationship. (Xinhua) (Sina)

Stephen Chow took his King of Comedy 2 promotion to Guangzhou. Chow hopes to recruit mainland actors and make the film on the mainland. An enthusiastic male fan greeted a surprised Chow onstage.  (HunanTV)

Edison Chen turns to greet reporters following him while shopping in Causeway Bay

CNN: Acid attacks are 'easy' in Hong Kong
Police blasted over acid rain

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