Saturday, January 30, 2010

1.30.2010 - News

14 Blades opens Feb.4
Myolie Wu - one of 174 popular stars in 72 Tenants of Prosperity

Huang Shengyi

Sammo Hung
Kirk Wong
Peter Pau

Stanley Kwan

Zhang Yang

At a Juli Entertainment company celebration in Heibei, it was announced that Huang Shengyi will be featured in a, possibly 3D, version of Madam White Snake to be directed(?) by Sarah Choi Bo-Chu and filmed by Peter Pau. Guests included Sammo Hung, Stanley Kwan, Kirk Wong, Peter Pau, Zhang Yang and others.

Brigitte Lin and husband, Michael Ying Lee-Yuen

What's behind the gates to their 10000 sq.ft. mansion on New Clearwater Bay Road?
A private cinema, heated swimming pool, a private studio, a luxury gym, and a small dance floor!

Jane Zhang
Believe in Jane, Jane Zhang's new CD since joining Universal Music will be released Feb.2. According to yesasia, the CD includes two hidden tracks, the theme songs to Mulan and Panda Express. (Sina)

Audio only - I Believe

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