Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1.26.2010 - News

Chinese Mirror: The Future of Hong Kong Cinema: a round table discussion (I)
The Future of Hong Kong Cinema: a round table discussion (II)

First-time South Korean director gears up for Sundance

Hong Kong - Chow's wife was nearly injured by a falling display board but was saved by quick acting security personnel. (Source)
Chow Yun-Fat, Zhou Xun, Chrissie Chau, Ren Quan, Chen Rui, Fala Chen
CRI: 'Confucius' in Hong Kong

Donnie Yen - 14 Blades Beijing press conference

Wu Zun/Wu Chun

Singer Sa Dingding, Kate Tsui

Donnie Yen

Daniel Lee, director

Kate Tsui Tsz-Shan

Wu Zun
Elsewhere, an anonymous email was sent to a reporters stating that investors were trying to recoup Zhao Wei's $3M  fee for breach of contract for failing to attend publicity and promotional events due to her rumored pregnancy. Her contract called for appearances at four premieres. (Xinhua)

Shao Bing
Shao Bing (Let The Bullets Fly) photo shoot (6)(Sina)

Kenix Kwok gives up acting to focus on family

Chow Yun-Fat's mother has longed for a grandchild for years, and the Hong Kong superstar may be ready to do whatever it takes for his 90-year-old mum...

Maggie Cheung - Paris
Maggie Cheung attends the Christian Dior Haute-Couture show

ESWN: The Hallelujah Mountains Are In Zhangjiajie

Chrissie Chau gets flirty at Tokyo fashion show


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