Monday, January 18, 2010

1.18.2010 - News

Jackie Chan

Lin Peng

New Seven Little Fortunes
Little Big Soldier kicks off multi-city publicity tour in Shenzhen (Sina) (2)

Legend of Chen Zhen
Andrew Lau's Legend of Chen Zhen has been quietly shooting in Shanghai. Recently, producers discovered a suspicious man in the studio. When detained and asked if he was an extra, the mysterious man was found to have a sophisticated pinhole pen camera on his possession. Producers found numerous scenes of high quality had been recorded. When questioned, the man did not reveal his motive and said he was a graduate and only fooling around. The pen and identity card were confiscated before allowing him the leave. The man later returned with police to retrieve his ID card and pen. But because of fear of leaks, security is high and all cast had signed confidentiality agreements, the producers were reluctant to release the pen camera. (Sina)

Zhou Xun, Chow Yun-Fat

AngelaBaby made a quick trip to Japan for a fashion shoot before beginning promotional activities for All'sWell Ends Well 2010. Young Japanese men and women sought her photograph and autograph and declared AngelaBaby 'kawaii'. (Sina)

Li Bingbing

Expo ambassador Li Bingbing went to Shanghai for the opening of the China Pavilion

Vivian Chow

Leo Ku
Vivian Chow helped open Leo Ku's new shop for women in Tsimshatsui. Other celebrity guests included Vincy Chan and Sherman Chung. (Xinhua) (Sina)

CRI: Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying to Tie the Knot on Valentine's Day
If you happen to be in Las Vegas, it will take place in The Little White Wedding Chapel. According to this report, the reason for having the ceremony in the US is that all the banquet halls in Hong Kong were booked up for the year and the couple did not want to drag out the engagement. (Xinhua)

Tang Yu Ming, Tang Wei's father
Tang Wei's father, a painter, will have an exhibition in Hong Kong later this month. Tang said he didn't know if his daughter would come to support him. When asked if he has seen Lust, Caution, he said, "I have seen the film, I feel her acting is good, but also nothing to object to, she is fighting for art everywhere."

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