Friday, January 22, 2010

Conan O'Brien - Stunt Man

Steven Ho circa 1980's (Wikipedia)

Three really entertaining appearances by stunt man and coordinator Steven Ho on Conan's O'Brien's show...

Conan learns everything from "how to take a punch" to "how to fly 30 feet through the air and crash through a giant glass window" from Professional Stuntman Steven Ho!





Anonymous said...

Cool! I wasn't expecting the bowling pins. :D

dleedlee said...

Speaking of disappearing, it looks like NBC is trying to erase all clips of Conan O'Brien from the web. I read recently that NBC pulled all Conan O'Brien clips from (both Late Night & Tonight Show) and is attempting to have all clips of Conan removed from Youtube as well. Meanwhile the Conan O'Brien Facebook fan sites now have over 1 MILLION fans

I feared as much.