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1.14.2009 - News

Fang Ying

Former Shaw actress and art director Fang Ying passed away yesterday at age 63 after battling pancreatic cancer. (Sina)

Screen Daily: Bodyguards And Assassins
Impressive action sequences and a cast of memorable characters breathe life into Teddy Chen’s Bodyguards and Assassins, a Chinese blockbuster set in 1905 Hong Kong.

Anita Yuen (Xinhua)
Director Eric Tsang and actors Anita Yuen and Bosco Wong Chung Chak came together for a press conference in Beijing Wednesday to promote the Shaw Brothers' comeback comedy extravaganza, "72 Tenants of Prosperity."

Zhou Xun and Chow Yun-Fat share a hug at the opening night Beijing press conference for Confucius
A media preview of Confucius drew mixed reviews. Chow Yun-Fat has done a credible job despite initial sceptical reactions when his casting was announced. Zhou Xun's role is very brief. Set during the turbulent Spring and Autumn period four big battles scenes are impressive if not lengthy. The first part of the film is more taut and highly dramatic while the second half is said to be relatively a bit boring. (Xinhua)
Faye's back after five-year hiatus

Screen Daily: Kevin Spacey joins Chinese black comedy Inseparable
Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and Chinese actress Beibi Gong are already attached to the project

THR: 'Avatar' now No. 2 film in Hong Kong
Only 'Titanic' remains to beat for new Cameron film

Kenny Bee

Eloise Belle Bee
Congratulations: Kenny Bee became a father for the fourth time yesterday. His girlfriend delivered a baby girl, their second. Kenny, now 56, also has two children by his marriage to ex-wife Teresa Cheung (Xinhua)

Acid arrests
Two men were in custody last night in connection with last month's acid attack in Causeway Bay.

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