Friday, January 8, 2010

1.8.2010 - News

Future X-Cops' new release date is Feb.25

CRI: In 'Hot Summer Days', It's Getting Really Hot
The new Chinese romantic movie "Hot Summer Days" is about six stories set in an unusually sultry summer. Just how hot could this fictitious summer be?
CRI: Maggie Cheung to Make Guest Appearance in "Hot Summer Days"

Variety: Iron Men (China)
Variety: Eagle Flute (China)
Variety: Eternal Beloved (China)
Variety: Tian An Men (China)

Gillian Chung's comeback movie showcases her first kiss and bedroom scene

Jeon Ji-hyun to star opposite Zhang Ziyi in new English movie adapted from bestseller

CRI: Fan Bingbing in the Onlookers' Eye
Fan Bingbing is called a Chinese 'Femme Fatale'.Maybe it is because her beauty is so blinding that few onlookers would look beyond her face and deep into her heart.
Fan Bingbing was the cover girl again for the February issue of 'Marie Claire' and an accompanied interview she emptied her heart to gave the readers a much closer look at this radiant star off screen.

CRI: Huang Yi Still Waits Her 'Big Day'
Rumor has it that Huang Yi had a flash marriage with her fiancé, Mr. Jiang Kai, CEO of ChinaFund, LP last August. The actress denied the gossip in the accompanying interview, saying marriage seems to be complicated and she won't take the plunge until she is very well prepared.

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Lip-sync and other frauds

Andy On Chi-Kit gets painted for True Legend

Miriam Yeung is a magician for a beverage advert

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen repotedly made over RMB$200M last year, and over $10M for these underwear adverts. (Sina)

Karen Mok - One Life One Earth

From Karen Mok's educational travel program One Life One Earth - Australia chapter

THR: China blocks access to movie site unavailable since Wednesday, cause unknown

Variety: China reports 44% rise in box office, (THR)
Multiplex growth averages 1.65 screens a day

China's B.O. boom continued unabated last year as box office rose a muscular 44% to 6.2 billion yuan ($910 million) on a sharp rise in the number of cinema screens in what's potentially the world's biggest market.
The China Film Group had earlier forecast 40% year-on-year growth (Daily Variety, Dec. 29).

With this kind of growth rate, I am confident that in 2010, China's box office will grow to a new height," China Film spokesman Weng Li said. His remarks were based on data from the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV.

This means for the last six years, the Chinese film market's box office has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 30%," Weng said, adding that China produced 456 domestic films in 2009.

The main impetus behind the strong growth was the rise in screen numbers. Citing SARFT figures, Weng said China had added 1.65 new screens every day last year.

China imports around 20 foreign films a year for theatrical release. The two top movies of 2009 were 2012," which took $67.5 million, and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," which took $63 million.

Homegrown epic "The Founding of a Republic," celebrating the People's Republic of China's 60th anniversary, made $61 million.


ewaffle said...

"she emptied her heart to gave the readers a much closer look at this radiant star off screen"

Love the cross cultural celebrity mongering--it seems universal that simply because a young woman is an attractive and (in some cases) talented actress that her fans want to know her inner life, as if that had anything to do with the carefully manufactured images that are presented.

Trying to see behind the image only allows one to see another image but it is a constant in celebrity journalism that people want to know the 'real' person.

But it as good a reason as any to run an article with lots of pictures.

dleedlee said...

Yeah, some pretty flowery prose, huh?
:) :)

Anonymous said...

re: Donnie Yen underwear. Too much information! Or not that much information, really, if you know what I mean.

dleedlee said...

Or not that much information, really, if you know what I mean.

:) :)