Monday, January 25, 2010

1.25.2010 - News

CRI: Zhou Xun Croons for 'True Legend'

China reiterates film rules after 'Avatar' flap
"Avatar" inspires China province to rename mountain

Jia Zhangke
Chinese director receives "directors of decade" award in Toronto
"Make film to reveal common feelings": Chinese director Jia Zhangke
Interview: Jia Zhangke
“It’s the theme of the new economics of China,” he says through an interpreter. “Years and years of tradition are being essentially destroyed and replaced with new customs that are still forming. In the cities, certainly, the changes in the economy have greatly affected everyday life and changed the path of the average person in a way. It affects their outlook on the future.”
As reported last year, Chen Kaige will officially begin filming Zhao's Orphan in March. (Xinhua)
"Zhao's Orphan", which has seen many stage incarnations in Chinese opera houses, is the story of a rural doctor 2,500 years ago, who saves the newborn son of the chancellor of the Jin Kingdom, whose family is executed because of political slander. The doctor decides to raise the boy so he can avenge his family. (Source)

Confucius gets mixed review from audiences. Lauded for expressing Confucian concepts but criticized for mangled dialogue, rough special effects and most deadly: boring - lacking dramatic conflict. (Xinhua)

Jacky Cheung

Eric Tsang and Jacky Cheung

Koni Lui

Vincy Chan

House of 72 Tenants/72 Tenants of Prosperity: Nanjing press conference photos (Sina)
Bernice Liu gets ugly for 72 Tenants (9)(Sina)

CRI: HK Showcases Ideas to Restore Bruce Lee's Residence

CRI: "Impression Dahongpao", A 3D Movie in Live
The fifth project of director Zhang Yimou's "Impression" musical series, previewed Sunday.

Faye Wong and husband Li Yapeng flew to Shanghai to help a friend open her new jewelry shop. Faye denied reports that sher received a fee of $2.5M yuan for appearing. (Xinhua)

Beijing - Faye Wong arriving at actress Luo Haoqiong's wedding

Faye's eldest daughter, Dou Jingtong


Milan - Leon Lai
Front row guest at fashion show

Anita Yuen

Alex Fong and wife, Anita Yuen attend charity walk

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