Saturday, January 2, 2010

1.2.2010 - News

Francis Ng arrested for causing bodily harm

Wife injured

Injured male customer
Francis Ng was arrested New Year's Day in an alteracation at a bakery. He was coming to his wife's aid who got into an argument with a clerk. While shopping for bread, Francis' wife told the clerk to to stop sweeping the floor since she was stirring up dust onto the bread. A foul-mouthed customer verbally abused her and when Francis entered the shop a chaotic melee ensued. (Sina) Additional photos  (Thanks, to Fan for pointing out the story.)

Audience back to the cinema

Interview: Law Kar-Ying (HK Magazine)

The Treasure Hunter review (HK Magazine)
Chou’s lack of acting skills, however, is hardly the main reason this massive pile of crap masquerading as a film is a flop. This high-budget adventure-esque film by Taiwanese director Kevin Chu has gotta be one of the worst we have seen in a while.

Upcoming (HK Magazine)
Black Ransom
(Hong Kong) Cheung Bo-man, an elite police officer who sunk into depression after the murder of his wife, is sent to investigate the violent crimes of triad leaders. The triads can predict what the police will do, however, because the gang is formed with ex-policemen. Directed by Keung Kwok-man. Starring Simon Yam and Michael Miu. Opens Jan 7.

Forever Yam Kim-fai
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Cantonese opera icon Yam Kim-fai’s death, Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a special program, screening twelve of her titles, including films where she played male roles. $30 from, 2734-9009. Through Jan 2, 2010. Cinema, Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd., Sai Wan Ho,

The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl
(Hong Kong, 1960) Yam’s rare appearance in martial arts films, and an early example of the kung fu comedy that would later characterize the 1980s. Sat, Jan 2, 2:30pm.

Phoenix Terrace
(Hong Kong, 1961) This Chinese New Year release features Yam as a feeble son ill-treated by his mean stepmother. Yam embodies the suffering through both acting and singing. Sat, Jan 2, 5pm.

Lin Chi-Ling sang the Treasure Hunter theme song at a TVBS sponsored New Year's Eve party in Taipei. Rainie Yang and others also performed. HD slide show (Sina)


beyondasiaphilia said...

Francis Ng gets into a fight at a bakery? Because his wife yells at the help about getting dust in the bread? Naughty boy. I'd love to see the security camera footage from this---hope it turns up soon. Knowing HK media, I'm betting that it will. PS: love the puffy silver hoody vest

dleedlee said...

Just adds to his street cred! :)

beyondasiaphilia said...

"Just adds to his street cred!" life imitates art? Francis doesn't seem too fussed post-facto, so maybe you're right.

My favorite part of this story: the one-year-old kid waiting in the car with the nanny while Mommy & Daddy are brawling. Home life must be fun at the Ng household.