Thursday, January 21, 2010

1.21.2010 - News

CRI: Vicki Zhao Bows out of "14 Blades" Promotion

CRI: Jackie Chan to Fight the Last Good Fight in His 100th Movie
"Shi Er Sheng Xiao," literally "The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals", features many intense fighting scenes, almost from the beginning to the end, the super kungfu star said.

CRI: Chow Yun-fat Saves the Third Kowtow for Confucius
Director Hu Mei plans to take the film's cast and crew to Qufu in Shangdong Province, Confucius' hometown, for a grand worship ceremony on the same day. Chow who portrays Confucius in the movie will deliver an elegiac address at the event.
CRI: Confucius Squeezes out Avatar
Avatar had been showing on 2,500 screens – a third on 3D and IMAX screens, while the remaining two-thirds were on regular screens, which cost an average of 30 to 40 yuan a ticket, half the price of a 3D ticket. IMAX tickets, however, at 130 to 150 yuan, have been criticized as too expensive for many Chinese moviegoers.

Oliver Stone visiting set of True Legend

The late David Carradine plays a fight promoter.

CRI: Zhang Yimou's 'Noodle Story' Vies for Golden Bear

Wu Zun (7)(HunanTV)

Wu Chun won't show flesh in new movie, says 14 Blades director

CRI: Chinese Director Lu Chuan Starts Filming City Story for Shanghai Expo

Charmaine Sheh plays the evil landlady
Charmaine Sheh - 72 Tenants of Prosperity/House of 72 Tenants (HunanTV)

Screen Daily: Bodyguards and Mother lead Asian Film Award nominations

Best Film
Bodyguards And Assassins (Hong Kong / China)
City of Life and Death (China)
Lola (The Philippines)
Mother(South Korea)
No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Taiwan)
Parade (Japan)
Best Director
Bong Joon-ho – Mother (South Korea)
Asghar Faradi - About Elly (Iran)
Lu Chuan - City of Life And Death (China)
Brillante Mendoza – Lola (The Philippines)
Sono Sion - Love Exposure (Japan)
Yonfan - Prince of Tears (Hong Kong / Taiwan)
Best Actor
Aasno Tadanobu - Villon’s Wife (Japan)
Huang Bo – Cow (China)
Matsimoto Hitoshi – Symbol (Japan)
Song Kang-ho – Thirst (South Korea)
Wang Xueqi - Bodyguards And Assassins (Hong Kong / China)
Best Actress
Bae Doo-na - Air Doll (Japan)
Kim Hye-ja – Mother (South Korea)
Li Bingbing - The Message (China)
Matsu Takako - Villon’s Wife (Japan)
Sandrine Pinna - Yang Yang (Taiwan)
Best Newcomer
Sonam Kapoor - Delhi 6 (India)
Kim Sae-ron – A Brand New Life (South Korea)
Li Yuchun - Bodyguards And Assassins (Hong Kong / China)
Ng Meng Hui - At The End of Daybreak (Malaysia / Hong Kong / South Korea)
Zhu Xuan - Prince Of Tears (Hong Kong / Taiwan)
Best Supporting Actor
Eita - Dear Doctor (Japan)
Huang Xiaoming - The Message (China)
Tou Chung-Hua - The Warrior And The Wolf(China)
Nicholas Tse - Bodyguards And Assassins (Hong Kong / China)
Won Bin – Mother (South Korea)
Best Supporting Actress
Anso Sakura - A Crowd Of Three (Japan)
Hirosue Ryoko - Villon’s Wife (Japan)
Kim Kkob-bi – Breathless (South Korea)
Wai Ying-hung - At The End Of Daybreak (Malaysia / Hong Kong / South Korea)
Yan Ni – Cow (China)
Best Screenwriter
Asghar Farhadi - About Elly (Iran)
Hong Sang-soo - Like You Know It All (South Korea)
Park Eun-kyo, Bong Joon-ho – Mother (South Korea)
Phan Dang Di – Adrift (Vietnam)
Wai Ka-fai, Au Kin-yee - Written By (Hong Kong)
Best Cinematographer
CaoYu - City Of Life And Death (China)
Cheng Siu-keung – Vengeance (Hong Kong)
Chung Chung-hoon – Thirst (South Korea)
Ly Thai Dzung – Adrift (Vietnam)
Jake Pollcok - Yang Yang (Taiwan)

Jury President - Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Yonfan, Tony Leung, Oceane Zhu Xuan

A story about North and South Korean spies called ``Blood Brothers'' may initially seem like mawkish cliche capitalizing on the tragic divide of the peninsula.
But pleasantly surprising, bona fide entertainment is on offer ― an incisive observation of modern Korea that is tastefully packaged as a humorous and gripping story of a budding ``bromance'' between foes.

Edison Chen, Fama in Causeway Bay

Edison Chen appeared in Causeway Bay to help Fama promote their new CD O'Fama.

Huang Yi

Huang Yi is featured in a domestic magazine cover

Gillian Chung 29 years old today (Jan.21)

Gillian celebrated her birthday with fans early a few days ago as she would be in the mainland filming a TV series (Sina)


AngelaBaby tried her hand at MC'ing for the first time for a Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer event. (Sina) (6)

Apple Daily's animated news shows up on Conan O' Brien's Tonight Show
Hulu clip

English version (shown on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night)

No Pants Day (Jan.17) has even spread to Guangzhou.


duriandave said...

That Apple Daily news animation is awesome! I love the superhero smackdown bit. :D

dleedlee said...

I liked how they illustrated Leno's time slot change.

Also, it's just cool that both Conan and Jimmy Kimmel even show them. Jimmy's clip was short but he complained about he was depicted using the blackjack with a limp wrist.

Conan also occasionally had stunt coordinator Steven Ho on to teach him stunts with wires, explosions, fire, etc. One time, in a fire stunt, Conan forgot to put on his fire protection mask on until an audience member yelled out!

duriandave said...

LOL... I saw that show with Conan and Steven Ho. That was pretty funny!

BTW, I forgot to mention "No Pants" Day in Guangzhou. I especially liked the second pic, which is so casual that it makes it look like every day is "No Pants" Day. ;)