Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3.16.2010 - News

Gangster Rock stars Leon Jay Williams and Van Fan
The film will debut on April 23 in Taiwan.

Ip Man 2 - Monkey Fist

This is Zhang Jingchu's first attempt at comedy. In the film dealing with mental health, Zhang plays a glamorous model suffering from depression and her severe mental problem leads to a string of humorous episodes in the movie.

Glimmer - Kelly Chen (Sina)

The ICAC have also recently expanded the scope of their investigation on Chan's alleged corruption to include a number of Hong Kong music labels that used to have close links with TVB, such as Amusic, Neway and EEG.

How TVB artists sucked up to management

Maybe it will fit you better

Overpay for boss' used car

Fond memories of Momma's designer bags

'Female Bag Demon' haunting TVB?

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