Thursday, March 11, 2010

3.11.2010 - News

THR: Children of Invention (USA)
Bottom Line: Heartfelt but dramatically tepid tale of two kids who must fend for themselves after their single mom goes missing.
CRI: Director's Eye Strain Delays Completion of Expo Film
The documentary that Jia Zhangke is making for the Shanghai World Expo may not be ready in time for the event's opening in May.
Doctors have suggested that Jia stay away from computers for at least one month, the source said. Previously, Jia had been working in front of computer screens for 14 hours a day.
Scandal-plagued actress Zhang Ziyi will get a chance to salvage her career as art-house film director Gu Changwei (Peacock) has offered her the lead role in his upcoming drama, "The Era of Magic."

Wang Leehom inspired by Brother Sharp?
Wang Leehom's directorial debut film cast includes Liu Yifei, Joan Chen in addition to himself in an inspirational youth comedy (Love Notices/Love Announcement). Many guest appearances are expected. Low key filming in Shanghai began in February and is expected to be released this summer.

Warring States - Francis Ng

Jiang Wu (Jiang Wen's brother)

Kim Hee-Sun returning to work after two years since marriage and having baby

Producer Sun Jie announced that filming for "Warring States" (tentative) would begin in Beijing this month with a 2011 Lunar New Year release target. Sun Honglei and Francis Ng will portray the historical rivals Sun Bin and Pang Juan, respectively. South Korean actress Kim Hee-Sun (The Myth) and Jiang Wu are are also cast. (HunanTV) (ifeng) The description in Wikipedia sounds like a barn burner! (Thanks to Valerie for the heads up!) Related story.

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen adds hair extensions and 4-inch heels to promote her new Mandarin album. (Sina)

Jane Zhang Liangying, Kitaro

Jane Zhang guested at a recent Kitaro concert in Singapore. During the Lunar New Year holidays, Jane came to the United States to work with dance choreographer Tucker Barkley (Britney Spears, Janet Jackson) and dance teacher Nick Demoura (Ne-Yo, Pussycat Dolls) to prepare for the launch of her new album.

CRI: Fan Bingbing's High-Profile Trip to Paris Fashion Week
Leon Lai forgets about his wedding anniversary

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