Friday, March 26, 2010

Future X-Cops - Beijing Premiere

(Mar.25) Wong Jing and the cast of Future X-Cops went to Bejing for the film premiere. The general theatrical release is scheduled for Mar.30.

Andy Lau

Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu
Pants of the ground? No explanation, that I could determine, given.

Fan Siu-Wong

Tang Yifei

Tang Yifei

Wong Jing

Barbie Hsu

Andy Lau, Shi Yunpeng, Xu Jiao, Barbie Hsu

Elsewhere, in faraway Harbin, Fan Bingbing was opening a Ferragamo shop

(Sina), 2 (HunanTV), 2
CRI: 'Future X-Cops' Premieres in Beijing

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