Friday, March 19, 2010

3.19.2010 - News

Today, Mar.19, is Vivian Hsu's birthday (35th) and marks her 20th year in show business.
To mark the event she launched her international web site ( after 9 months of development. Also, she offered a free copy of her new CD to her first 319 fans and one autographed by herself to a lucky fan.

Directed by a Hong Kong helmer, with several offshore Chinese among the key techies, pic lacks the dramatic and cultural heft of a purely mainland production, despite a largely mainland cast led by petite, big-eyed star Vicki Zhao as the cross-dressing ancient warrior.

Director/actor Liu Yunlong, Fan Bingbing

Movie Guide: 'East Wind, Rain' (CRI)
During World War II, Japan allegedly prearranged coded weather forecasts to alert its diplomats overseas of ensuing attacks on a foreign country. "North wind, cloudy" would mean the Soviet Union; "West wind, clear" Britain; "East wind, rain" the United States, or more specifically, Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
"East Wind, Rain" also stars Fan Bingbing, Yu Rongguang, Li Xiaoran, and Wang Baoqiang. (Opens Apr.22)
Ning Caishen, the film's screenwriter, said Yan Ni will still star as the manager of the Tong Fu hotel in the film, even though it had previously been reported that she would not appear in the movie because she was not satisfied with the salary on offer.

New faces of Filmart
Yang's "One Night in Supermarket," a stylish and quirky low-budget laffer, has captured the imagination of China's growing army of young cinemagoers, with boffo B.O. to boot. The 28-year-old from Chongqing in southwestern China wrote "One Night" in 2006 and shot it in just 29 days on a budget of $3.65 million. Yang won best scriptwriter at the Media Awards of the 12th Shanghai Intl. Film Festival in 2009.
The Boston-born director of "Au Revoir Taipei" cut his teeth working as an assistant in Taipei to the late, great Taiwanese director Edward Yang, and has also impressed Wim Wenders, who executive produced and gave behind-the-scenes support for "Au Revoir Taipei," Chen's feature debut. "Au Revoir Taipei" has delighted crix and won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) prize at the Berlin Intl. Film Festival in February. Chen had previously won a Silver Bear at Berlin for his short "Mei" in 2007.
The Chinese-American filmmaker generated an interesting first last year: with her Zhang Ziyi starrer "Sophie's Revenge," she become the first female Chinese director to make more than 100 million yuan ($14.65 million) at the B.O. She also sold the English-language remake rights of the film, which she wrote. An early sign of her talent was when her short film "The 17th Man" won an Emmy Award for university students.

As the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival kicks off Sunday, the local movie industry is re-evaluating its role in Chinese-language cinema.

'Suzie Wong' star, Nancy Kwan, shocked at destruction of old Hong Kong
“Hong Kong was really very charming in those days,” she told AFP in an interview ahead of the screening of a documentary about her life at the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market forum on Monday. 
The documentary, entitled “To Whom it May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey”, a reference to Kwan’s Chinese name, traces the ups and downs of her career and life, including the death of her only son in 1996 at age 33.
A reformer and pioneer of Hong Kong cinema, director Patrick Lung Kong vowed to change the face of Cantonese cinema and was ahead of his time in farsighted portrayals of sensitive social issues like the plague in "Yesterday Today Tomorrow" and the anti-nuclear film "Hiroshima 28". He was keen to explore new ways of storytelling and experimented with different editing and pacing techniques. His films are impressive viewing, even today.

Kim Hee-Sun
Warring States: Why Kim Hee-Sun?

And how he got the interview

Taipei Times: Pop Stop

Two nights ago, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee and Edmond Leung performed at a Lion's Club charity concert

Gigi Leung

Jun Ji-Hyun and Leon Lai attended the grand opening of the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai

The pair met 12 years ago while working on an advert

Jaycee Chan - Taiwan

Jaycee Chan shooting MV for his new single

Edison Chen, in his own words:
Guess Who's Back
with two words MICHAEL JORDAN shook a nation
with no words LEVI’s of CHINA/TAIWAN/HONG KONG spoke loudly for me
yes i’m back and probably more focused and more determined than ever
alot is in the mix for ya boi EDC
people been talking alot, saying that and this and that
i dun need to speak back to the haters and nay-sayers cuz my actions will destroy
laugh all u want and ridicule all u want
my mom told me the world is mine
so i am here to take it back
YEAH take it back not just take it
like jigga man said it best ……… IM ALREADY HOME
Edison Chen and Jolin Tsai avoid each other at fashion show

TVB's Stephen Chan stays calm in storm


Anonymous said...

Two nights ago I saw Au Revoir, Taipei. It was really great -- funny, sweet, and quirky. Definitely one to pick up on DVD when it comes out. I'm already looking forward to whatever Arvin Chen makes next.

dleedlee said...

Thanks, for the heads up! Sounds like one that I'd enjoy, too.