Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot Summer Days in Black and White

Hot Summer Days has been in release for 3 weeks on the mainland and reaped $110M at the box office with expectations of ultimately reaching $200M with only 400 prints. In Hong Kong, the box office has been poor due to a lack of theater slots and competition from films like 72 Tenants of Prosperity and All's Well Ends Well Too 2010. Directors Tony Chan Kwok-Fai and Wing Shya will continue to cooperate in filming a new movie, in addition to romantic comedies, possibly a martial arts film.

Rene Liu, Jacky Cheung

Barbie Hsu

Vivian Hsu


Vivian Hsu, Daniel Wu

Nic Tse

AngelaBaby, Jing Boran

Duan Yihong


Jing Boran

Maggie Cheung



Anonymous said...

I saw this when I was in HK this past weekend. I liked it, but it was a little more conventional -- in terms of style -- than I was expecting. Not quite as edgy as these photos. Still, nice performances all around.

The best part was when Maggie appeared on screen and the audience let out a collective gasp of surprise!

dleedlee said...

The best part was when Maggie appeared on screen and the audience let out a collective gasp of surprise!
Well, if they read this blog, they would have known! :) Sorry to hear your report, I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

Did you notice whether Future X-Cops was in release or not? HK Magazine said it was released 2.25 but everything else I've seen says not yet.

Anonymous said...

Future X-Cops was not playing when I was there.

I did enjoy Hot Summer Days -- and think you'll like it too -- but I was hoping it would be a little more stylish à la WKW. My fave story was the one with Jackie Cheung and Rene Liu, but I must admit that I was also impressed with AngelaBaby (who until now has annoyed me just because of her name) and finally succumbed to the charms of Vivian Hsu (who for some inexplicable reason I've always found a little repulsive). Anyway, it's definitely worth picking up on DVD when it comes out. :)

dleedlee said...

Thanks, Dave, for confirming X-Cops. Probably an out of date summary.

Really don't know much about AngelaBaby other than she's ubiquitous, myself included. I did read a review that also noted her performance though.

Welcome back home!