Monday, March 22, 2010

HKIFF - Like A Dream Premiere Photos

Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu and mother

Miriam Yeung, Daniel Wu

Miriam Yeung

Ankie Beilke (Bei Anqi)

Media Asia boss Peter Lam, Daniel Wu

Stephen Fung

Terence Yin, Ankie Beilke

Teddy Robin

Daniel Wu with sister and mother, Clara Law, Eddie Fong
Yon Fan, Clara Law, Daniel Wu, Shi Nansun, Stephen Fung, Eddie Fong

Conroy Chan, Daniel Wu
Terence Yin, Daniel Wu, Yon Fan, Stephen Fung
Costar, actress Yuan Quan was absent due to her being pregnant and about to deliver.



Anonymous said...

I think the bald guy with leopard scarf is Yonfan.

dleedlee said...

Thanks, Dave! It was really bugging me and I was blanking out.