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3.23.2010 - News

THR: Q and A: Andy Lau
His production outfit Focus Films, which made its name with the "Focus: First Cuts" initiative from 2005 that featured debuts of new directors across Asia including Ning Hao's "Crazy Stone" (2006), now launches the HK$50 million ($6.4 million) six-film initiative "Focus Fight" with Derek Kwok's "Gallants," showcased in this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Screen Daily: Monga
Monga is a dynamic and powerfully impressive Taiwanese gangster film set against the stunning backdrop of Taipei of the 1980s as a group of teenagers become men as they fight to survive amongst the gangs that run the old Monga quarter of the city.
The title of Du Haibin's striking documentary refers to the exact time (14:28) on May 12, 2008, when a massive 8.0 earthquake rocked China's Sichuan province. Pic proceeds with virtually no exposition, except for the words supplied by survivors as they scramble to build a makeshift existence on the ruins. Visiting a devastated village 10 days and then 210 days after the quake, Du depicts, with immediacy and casual artistry, a wide range of human reactions to the natural and political aftershocks. Fascinating, beautifully crafted Venice prizewinner fully warrants an arthouse run.

4th Asian Film Awards 2010: Glitz, glam, and awkward moments

CRI: South Korean Film Named Best Asian Picture
CRI: Snapshots from the 2010 Asian Film Awards

CRI: Jia Zhangke's Hometown Trilogy in Print Form

Lynn Xiong and Donnie Yen attend press conference for Ip Man 2

Donnie Yen

Lynn Xiong (Xinhua)
WSJ:Bruce Lee’s Mentor Gets Second Biopic (Ip Man 2)

CRI: Hong Kong Int'l Film Festival to Mark the 70th Anniversary of Bruce Lee's Birth

China launches official English language film website
The Chinese government has announced that it will launch an official English-language website www.chinesefilms.cn to provide information on Chinese-language films and the Chinese film industry.

The website is co-established by the Film Bureau under State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and Chinese Radio International (CRI), a state-owned radio broadcast company which broadcasts radio programs globally outside of China.

China Film Promotion International (CFPI), a state-owned promotion and sales company under the China Film Group, and CRI website will be operating the website.

The website offers information such as news, reviews, interviews, industry information on Chinese-language films and Chinese film policies. Most of the industry information is about mainland Chinese companies or institutions while film news covers the greater China region including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. In the future, CFPI also plans to provide online Chinese film screenings, online forum, and a database on the website. (Screen Daily)
Chinesefilms.cn, the first foreign-language website of the Chinese mainland for promoting Chinese films, was officially launched at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on March 23.

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