Thursday, March 25, 2010

3.25.2010 - News

Korean films find an audience in AMC theaters throughout the country

THR: One Day (Taiwan)
Bottom Line: A poetic love rhapsody that both mystifies and moves.
Screen Daily: Amphetamine
The third film from experimental Hong Kong filmmaker Scud, Amphetamine is the story of a doomed love affair between a gay man and an emotionally damaged straight man which, while always visually arresting, ultimately rings hollow. The film is certainly flashy – filled throughout with two second flashbacks, dreamlike imagery and fantasy sequences – but its self-conscious artiness dilutes the potential dramatic impact and it plays as more stylistic curio than full-blooded character piece.

THR: 3D sights set on kung fu classics
The tantalizing prospect of 3D re-edits of classic Hong Kong kung fu movies was dangled before the participants at the Asia Visual Effects and Digital Film Making Summit 2010: "Emerging Digital Movie Making in Asia" seminar in Theatre 1 of the Convention Center on Tuesday morning.
The cinema's facilities were put to good use as speakers showed footage from some of the latest local 3D productions that had the audience applauding after every clip.

Screen Daily: Fire of Conscience
Fire of Conscience grips right from the opening credits sequence, a stunning montage of freeze-framed black-and-white images, which offer clues to the complex crime story to follow. What follows is a frenetic and at times extremely violent crime tale that occasionally veers towards the daft but always manages to be gripping and provocative.

Interview with Lixin Fan, director of "Last Train Home"

Golden Sun sells library for online
Golden Sun's $15 million remake of "The Chinese Ghost Story," announced at last year's Filmart, will commence filming in April 2010 for a late 2010 release. The film is the second installment of the "new oriental fantasy" trilogy after "Painted Skin" and will be followed by the $15 million "The Lantern." The company is also targeting the Chinese market with the $5 million action comedy "The Swordsman Dream" scheduled for July, and is considering the stereoscopic 3D feasibility for upcoming action adventure "Hidden Strike," now in development. (THR)

More 3D coming:
Ming Pao reports that Filmko Entertainment Cheang Pou-Soi (Accident) will direct a 3D IMAX version of Havoc in Heaven (the Monkey King story) with Donnie Yen or Jet Li, starting in October. [Last year, another 3D mainland version of Havoc in Heaven was announced for a release this summer but I don't remember seeing any update on that one.]
In addition, Filmko said Tsui Hark will remake New Dragon Inn in 3D sometime next year. No cast announcements. (Sina)
Tsui Hark to Shoot 3D Version of "New Dragon Inn"
3D Movie Technology Seminar Held at HKIFF

Ekin Cheng makes a guest appearance as a dentist in Crossing Hennessy

Zhou Yun (actress and Jiang Wen's wife) met with the media at the HK Film and TV Expo to promote Let The Bullets Fly

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