Monday, March 29, 2010

"Watchmen" Launched in Beijing

(Mar.29) A news conference to launch China's first major horror suspense drama, "Watchmen", was held in Beijing with the cast, crew and investors on hand. After working together in Ann Hui's Night and Fog, Simon Yam and Zhang Jingchu are reunited. Simon Yam plays a rice farmer, but further details were not disclosed to maintain suspense and mystery. Simon's farmer is said to be a catalyst for murder while Zhang Jingchu performs four dances in the opening to portray four emotions. Filming has already begun and the director teases that Zhang's dancing left the crew drooling. Huang Shengyi and Yu Shaoqun play a couple of college students.

Zhang Jingchu

Huang Shengyi

Simon Yam

Hao Lei

Simon Yam, Zhang Jingchu

Huang Shengyi, Simon Yam

Veteran Wei Zi

Chen Sicheng

Yu Shaoqun, Huang Shengyi

Director Fei Xing


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