Friday, July 30, 2010

Zhang Jingchu - August GQ

Zhang Jingchu



Glenn, kenixfan said...

Wow, she can do almost any look can't she? Regal, sexy, funny, casual. I'm thrilled and impressed.


Kingwho? said...

WOW! is right Glenn. Are these in the current issue? Next time i'm in Chinatown I might have to pick this up? Damn!!!!

dleedlee said...

I feel a tad guilty with so many posts featuring Zhang Jingchu. I like her a lot but I don't want to seem like a fanboy. Still, Zhang Jingchu and Huang Xiaoming seem to everywhere these days*, so it's unavoidable, really. Only behind Donnie Yen!

*One mainland article recently complained about Louis Koo and Aaron Kwok being in every Hong Kong film. :D

Oh, added a few more pictures from the GQ issue I found :D

Kingwho - I imagine the Aug. GQ in in stores now...while they last. :D

Glenn, kenixfan said...

Don't be ashamed to be a fanboy for her.

Hey, I had a lot of Fan Bing-Bing on my blog the first year then I got bored with her.

And I intend to have a few more Cherie Chung posts in the near future.

Newtonhe said...

She has a Sexy body