Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6.1.2011 - News

GlobalTimes: Fraud at the Chinese films - artificial box office numbers
A well-known joke told by Gao Jun, manager of the New Film Association, goes that one film boss was known by the nickname "Plus One" "because if his film has a 5 million box office, he will claim a 15 million one.
"Speaking anonymously, a PR source explained to the Global Times how marketing companies use SNS and microblogs.

In the film, Leung stars as Zhang Xian, a powerful magician living in the early 20th century. Zhang goes abroad to study magic, and when he comes back he discovers his fiancée, played by Zhou Xun, has become a warlord's concubine.

At the recent Louis Vuitton event, Gong Li revealed that her latest project is playing the wife of Genghis Khan. The director was suffering from ill health and the production is looking for a replacement. (Sina)

GlobalTimes: Donnie Yen makes rounds for charity at Beijing hospital
In 2005, the regulator told HBS to stop running ”Super Girl”, China’s first televised talent show which was the closest thing the country had to American Idol, and on which the station made its name and fortune.
Some officials saw the programme, which many people would consider innocent, as subversive because it propelled individuals to fame based on audience votes. It demonstrated the power of popular opinion in China – a constant concern for the Communist party in a country where people cannot elect their leaders ….

Peter Chan's Wu Xia has been moved up to a July 4 release. As the Cannes version of the film was rushed to completion and modified for foreign audiences, a director's cut version with additional editing will be shown in the domestic version.

Beijing subway adverts (Sina)

Anthony Wong is in France, but for what project?
(May 30)

From the land of Weibos
Lau Ching-Wan, Lam Suet, Alan Ng Siu-Hung dining in Beijing (May 30)
Alan Ng is a former actor and currently Lam Suet's talent rep/manager, and also a film and concert producer according to his microblog.

Lau Ching-Wan and Alan Ng co-starred together in Angel Hunter in 1992 so the meeting was a sort of reunion
That's Vivian Chow and Anthony Wong flanking Lau Ching-Wan

German dining with action director Liu Xu Hao and Alan Ng (June 1)
Liu Xu Hao (Firebird Liu) is action directing in Island Paradise/Cape Paradise

Frankie Ng Chi-Hung

Frankie Ng in Zhang Lijia's Beasts and Flowers
Beasts and Flowers (lit. Flowers to the Beast) stars Jaycee Chan and Ady An Yixuan
Beasts and Flowers just wrapped and Frankie Ng is heading to Bangkok to join Jordan Chan on another project

Beasts and Flowers 
Frankie Ng

Frankie Ng's leg

Admiring Northeast mainlanders' tattoos

Frankie Ng

Jack Kao, director Zhang Lijia, Frankie Ng

Ricky Chan

and the magic of movie-making

Poster for Frankie Ng appearance at the Pink Panther Bar in Beijing
Photos and autographs are part of the sell
Performing? Or just talking?

And what was Carina Lau doing in NYC last month?
(May 20)

American Museum of Natural History

Hamburger, fries and Coca-Cola at Johnny Rockets (May 13)

Li Bingbing at Wembley Stadium to cover the Barcelona - Manchester United Champions League final last Saturday

Zhao Wei posted this photo of her baby girl to celebrate International Children's Day today. Many other celebrities also posted baby photos.

"Cecilia had planned to announce her third pregnancy recently, so as to force Nicholas to transfer the ownership of all his properties to her name. Wouldn't Nicholas be in trouble if his wife says she's pregnant and he wants a divorce now? He'll lose not only his properties and family, but also his image."
The TVB actor is said to be using his former love to rebuild his public image
Two in every five young residents say they have a poor impression of mainlanders and will not go out on a date with them.
Top of the grumbles list, according to the Hong Kong Research Association, is mainland mothers coming here to give birth.


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