Friday, June 3, 2011

6.3.2011 - News

Three short films by three Taiwanese directors take the character of Shakespeare's most famous heroine in different, equally post-feminist directions in "Juliets."

Cecilia Cheung and Kwon Sang-Woo 
Posted by Ceci's manager from set of Repeat, I Love You (Xinhua)

Hiro Hayama in the upcoming thriller Mysterious Island

Takeshi Kaneshiro is part Sherlock Holmes, part House M.D. in Wu Xia. The actor reportedly suffered nightmares after filming the autopsy scenes.

Poster for Coming Back (vide. Backstroke) starring Simon Yam
Produced by Gordon Chan and directed by 7th generation director Li Yuan, the picture opens this summer (Sina)

"The Piano in A Factory" starring Qin Hailu and Wang Qianyuan will dominate the tail end of this June with a thunderous nationwide release on June 30
Starring Wang Baoqiang, Tan Zhuo and He Jie, the film is about a man named Mr. Tree who lives in a village and can predict the future.

Zhang Ziyi attends a fashion show in Seoul, South Korea

Fendi CEO, Michael Burke

Rumour has it that the pair has begun discussing the terms of their separation...through text messages. Nicholas's rep EEG Groups is also reportedly preparing to announce the couple's divorce soon.

Nic's EEG manager, Mani Fok was quoted as saying: "He is currently filming and many action scenes require his participation rather than using a stunt double. Earlier, Nic filmed a scene where he had to jump from an eight storey building. He did not tell EEG in advance about this stunt. I want him to focus his concentration first and not think any troubling thoughts."
Mani indicated that after completing "The Viral Factor", Nic will quickly film a mainland series.
Mani was confident that there was no third party in Nic and Cecilia's relationship. "For a man who stays home aside from work, it's very hard for him to keep a mistress."

The model tells why she does not believe in pre-nuptial agreements
Sammi: "I will change for him!"

Anthony Wong visits Montmartre. Anyone recognize the woman?
[Update] It's Isabella Leong, celebrating her 23rd birthday early

Studying French cuisine with chef

A young Louis Fan Siu-Wong with Chow Yun-Fat


Walter said...

You can watch the video of Maggie Cheung's Q & A at the Universal Studios of Singapore here:

Maggie Cheung at Universal Studios

I love her accent (I like Karen Mok's accent too). My guzheng teacher (a woman) once told me, "There's no woman who looks better in a qipao dress than Zhāng Mànyù (Maggie Cheung)". :)

dleedlee said...

Cool, thanks! There's a video link at the end of the article above, too.

"There's no woman who looks better in a qipao dress than Zhāng Mànyù (Maggie Cheung)".

In The Mood For Love is a good example of that. Though, Carina Lau looks pretty good in the TV series Spring River Flows East aka The River Flows Eastward. William Cheung also custom-designed those costumes, at her request.

Walter said...

Maggie looks fantastic - I was surprised when I read that she's 46 years old.

Did you see the other interviews from Singapore's Razor TV?

In case you didn't:

Jet Li (he kind of dodged the question of if he voted in the recent Singapore elections! LOL!):

Zhao Wei: