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6.29.2011 - News

CRI: Peter Chan's 'Wu Xia' Premieres, (CF), (Xinhua-gallery)

Donnie Yen - Shanghai

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Kara Hui

CF: Jordan Chan Finishes his Work for "White Vengeance"
The movie is expected to wrap up production in early July. It will kick off competition between the new films being launched over the end-of-year period, with a release date in November.

The Jackie Chan Museum, displaying the accomplishments of the renowned movie star, along with nine other arts and culture museums, is expected to receive visitors later this year.

Overheard 2 is scheduled for an August 18 release.

Felix Lok

Kenneth Tsang

Wu Fung

Three senior actors reminisce about their long acting careers
Kenneth Tsang, Wu Fung 
Felix Lok

Raymond Wong and Huayi Brothers officially announced the launch of "Happy Magic", a sequel to the Happy Ghost series, destined for the Lunar New Year season. Like the  Ip Man franchise, the crew include director Wilson Yip and writer Edmond Wong. Raymond Wong wore a cape at the event, adopting the role of 'the magician'. Actress Yan Ni attended and actors Louis Koo, Wu Chun and Wu Jing are said to be joining the cast.

Raymond Wong

Wilson Yip

Edmond Wong

The Devil Inside Me held a Beijing premiere press conference yesterday. Unfortunately, neither of the leads were in attendance. Kelly Lin is in the US preparing to have a baby while Tony Leung Ka-Fai was thought to be on vacation or otherwise unavailable. Director Zhang Qi was forgiving of Kelly Lin but not happy about big Tony's absence.

Director Zhang Qi

Zhang Qi and mentor Tian Zhuangzhuang (Sina), 2

Wong Jing held a launch ceremony in Beijing for a new film (lit. Marry a Hundred Point Man). Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung, Chapman To, Paw Hei-Ching and other cast members also attended.

Wong Jing

 Gigi Leung

Chapman To

Liu Yan

Paw Hei-Ching

Ronald Cheng

The photos appeared after Cecilia Cheung’s outburst at the airport, where she accused the Hong Kong actor of being a bad father
A few days ago, Nicholas declared that he still misses and loves Cecilia, but added that he did not know how to carry on their relationship, suggesting that their marriage might be coming to an end.
CNA: Cecilia Cheung confronts reporters at train station in Zurich, (Xinhua)

After Hong Kong tabloids speculated in early June that the playboy star had contracted the disease, many actresses were said to have panicked and hurried to the hospital for check-ups.

Lynn Hung's modelling agency Style International Management fell victim to hackers,

MSN: Takeshi Kaneshiro rumoured to be dating
SCMP: Model Bianca reveals she's a fan of heartthrob Sean Lau

Elaine Ng has recently sold a two-story mansion in Shanghai and enrolled her daughter in an international school in Hong Kong. The annual tuition is 120,000 yuan per year plus a 200,000 yuan fee. Elaine Ng is the former actress and mother of Jackie's 'dragon seed' daughter. In recent years, Jackie Chan has shifted his base of operations to Beijing, the story notes.
Shanghai mansion (Xinhua)

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