Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Pretending Lovers - Beijing Premiere

The Pretending Lovers - Huang Bo, Jiang Yiyan

The Beijing premiere of The Pretending Lovers opened under a cloud Friday. The day before, director Liu Fendou caused some controversy when he disowned the film, saying it was not his work and said that Wu Tian-Ge (executive director of Examination 1977/Gao Kao 1977) directed it. Liu Fendou has not attended any of the publicity appearances for the film. He is said to be the film's "pre-director".  At it's heart, the issue seems to revolve around the final cut. The original cut was considered too long and draged by the producers. Pre-release posters had Lin Fendou credited as director but recently it had been removed. The original rough cut of the film was about 115 minutes long, whereas the released version runs about 95 minutes.

 Jiang Yiyan and Huang Bo play quarrelsome lovers with Jiang playing a bullying Sassy Girl type. The film marks Jiang Yiyan's first role in a comedy film.
Huang Bo, Jiang Yiyan

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