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6.27.2011 - News

Variety: Communist Party pic finds time to sell
Product placement is irritating Chinese auds in the most unlikely of places. Communist purists are up in arms over a scene in the newly released propaganda pic "Beginning of the Great Revival," in which Chairman Mao is given a gold Omega watch by his girlfriend.

Variety: Yulu review
In a generic package of contempo Chinese success stories has flickers of interest, but their repetitive message of hard work and perseverance becomes a didactic drone.
Revenge: A Love Story (Variety)
A tricky crime tale on the cusp of horror, balances the grisly and the sentimental without wallowing excessively in either.

FBA: Return Ticket review
Modest but involving drama of migrant workers in Shanghai intiguingly blends Taiwan and Mainland talent.
Following The Piano in a Factory, on which she took an executive producer credit, the film marks another strong recent role for the distinctive-looking Qin Hailu

Q&A: Gordon Chan Talks About 'The Mural' (THR)
The Hong Kong film veteran talks about the arrival of effects-heavy films in China, and how far Chinese filmmakers still have to go.

Watch the music video of "Lost in Jianghu", the theme song of Peter Chan's film "Wu Xia".
Wu Xia poster (Sina)

3D The Monkey King poster featuring Peter Ho, with Joe Chen Qiao-En and Xia Zitong

The film is directed by "Roots and Branches" director Yu Zhong. The cast also includes Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Wang Pei.

CF: Actress Tang Wei to Attend Taipei Film Festival

Sylvia Chang receives Honorary Fellow of Performing Arts from the Hong Kong Academy of Peforming Arts
Disciples Rene Liu and Angelica Lee attended as well as Richie Ren, Sammi Cheng. Media Asia boss, Peter Lam, received an honorary doctorate from the academy as well as music composer Joseph Koo.

Sylvia Chang

Angelica Lee, Rene Liu

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai celebrates his 49th birthday today with a strawberry cake from his company

Cecilia Cheung working in Europe (Xinhua)

According to reports, Ceci wanted to bring her two sons with her but reconsidered due to the long 10 hour flight involved. It is thought that her sister is looking after her sons. Ceci's intinerary included a flight to Germany before landing in Milan for a photo and video shoot. (Sina)

The international version of the film clocks in at 102 minutes, 27 minutes shorter than the 129-minute version shown in Hong Kong, which was again six minutes shorter than the 135-minute version its director Christopher Sun had originally put together.
A trade union organization has slammed free-to-air station Television Broadcasts for failing to provide insurance cover and Mandatory Provident Fund contributions for extras.

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