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6.16.2011 - News

Narrow-minded producers kill Chinese film industry
Two producers attending the Shanghai International Film Festival said Wednesday that they only make two kinds of movies: films that can make censors happy and films that make money.
Shanghai Film Festival hears from Ren Zhonglun, Peter Loehr, Dan Mintz, Nansun Shi and E. Bennett Walsh 

Organizers named A Borrowed Life, from Hong Kong filmmaker Kit Hui (Missing, Fog), the most promising project to invest in, and Cry Me a Pond, from Beijing Film Academy graduate Qi Rui, the most creative project.

South Korean director Hur Jin-ho will direct the Chinese remake of a French literature classic, "Dangerous Liaisons." Tribute to Leslie Cheung planned.

During a Shanghai International Film Festival forum discussing what it was like for women working in film, some established women filmmakers said it was not a matter of gender difference.

Ann Hui

Barbara Wong (Sina), 2

The female epic movie, "Snow Flower and The Secret Fan," released a batch of still photos featuring Li Bingbing and Gianna Jun as best friends in the film.
Filmed kissing scene between Li Bingbing and Jeon Ji-Hyun deleted. (Sina)

Technically assured, cinema-literate with an offbeat manner of hurling surprises along the way, Friday Killer reflects Thai director Yuthlert Sippapak’s chameleon sensibility

The film will also be distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, and Wei has signed a contract with Fortissimo Films to market the movie in Europe and the United States.

Directed by scriptwriter Li Yuan, the film mixes time travel, action, suspense and comedy in its tale of fashion editor Li Zhenmu who is reunited with a daughter out for revenge only to find himself seduced by another dangerous woman.

Dou Wei
Rocker Dou Wei, Faye Wong's first husband and former Black Panther band member, recorded a rock-style theme song for Peter Chan's Wu Xia.  Dou Wei was sent a copy of the film a week before the film's debut in Cannes. 5 days later, Dou Wei sent back a first draft. Chan got the idea of enlisting Dou after repeatedly listening to the Black Panther song "Don't Break My Heart" while filming in Yunnan. (Sina)

Selina Jen: You will never understand my pain (MSN)
A netizen faulted the S.H.E member for acting fake

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Walter said...

That's too bad about kissing scene between Li Bingbing and Jeon Ji-Hyun being deleted. I wonder if they will release a "director's cut" of the movie with it intact?

I don't know if some Asians are ready yet to see two Asian women kissing each other yet.

I wouldn't mind kissing either of them! LOL!