Friday, June 17, 2011

6.17.2011 - News

A Beautiful Life - Taiwan review
FBA: The Seal of Love review
A luscious looking political biopic that's intriguingly remoulded as a love story.

THR: How Christian Bale Is Raising the Bar in China
Variety: Jia calls for more Chinese genre pix
Censorship is stifling the development of genre movies in China, local helmer Jia Zhangke told Variety at the Shanghai Intl. Film Festival Thursday.
Chinese film director hits out at state censorship
"This kind of cultural over-cleanliness that bans the erotic, violent and terrifying is cultural naivety."

CF: Chinese Animation Classic Upgraded to 3D
The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven
Su Da said, "With the cooperation with Technicolor, we have polished the colors, applied 3D technologies and more sound effects, and even spent two months to shorten the film to 88 minutes. We also improved the Peking Opera influenced accompaniment music with the western symphonic music. Nevertheless, we will never ruin the artistry of the original piece by adding anything superfluous, all we want to do is to show our respect and to recall people's memories to the classic with its new sensations."

CRI: Tang Wei First Crowned Best Actress on Mainland
Actress Tang Wei won best actress award for her role in romance comedy, "Crossing Hennessy" at the 11th Chinese Film Media Awards in Macao Thursday night, the first title bestowed on her from the Chinese mainland.

Tang, who was honored for Crossing Hennessy in a ceremony held Thursday night in Macao, said she was shocked to have won, and that such recognition proves to her that Chinese audiences are still interested in seeing her make movies.
The Chinese Film Media Awards is sponsored by Southern Metropolitan News and selected by over 30 Chinese media. It is the only film award program in China that covers films made by the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (GlobalTimes)

Best Actor, Ge You (Let the Bullets Fly)

Kara Hui on the red carpet

Newly released Seediq Bale posters

The two-part film is scheduled to open Sept. 9 and Sept. 30
Director Wei Te-Sheng at yesterday's trailer and posters release event

Huang Bo, who missed the opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Film Festival due to working on projects in Beijing, will walk the red carpet at the closing ceremony with Jiang Yiyan.
The Pretending Lovers - Jiang Yiyan, Huang Bo

A Bruce Lee museum? Maybe ... in 2046

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

MSN: Nicholas Tse is not worried about divorce settlements
The Hong Kong actor only wants custody of his two sons
In other related reports, singer-actress Gillian Chung's management company has stepped forward to deny that she was the third party in Nicholas and Cecilia's marriage.

The newly-single actress was recently in town as the ambassador of ScreenSingapore 2011
Treasure Inn trailer

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Walter said...

I'm glad Tang Wei won the award. It's almost like a slap in the face to her critics and to those who didn't offer any jobs to her after "Lust Caution".