Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6.21.2011 - News

CF: Communist Party Movie Brings Red Storm
FBA: Revival has strong but disappointing opening
CF: "The Founding of a Party" Premieres in HK

Chow Yun-Fat and wife

Nick Cheung

Chow Yun-Fat


Michelle Ye

Francis Ng and Alex Fong Chung-San are among the confirmed cast for another upcoming commemorative film about Father of the Republic, Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Tian Liang, Han Geng, Fan Wei and others are also cast. The film is scheduled for an October release. Earlier, both Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Song Hye-kyo denied playing the leads roles: Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching-ling.(21cn)

CF: Tang Wei Fishing in "Wu Xia"
"Wu Xia" released a batch of new still photos featuring Tang Wei.
Olive Oyl?

Supposedly, a love scene between Tang Wei and Donnie Yen was cut from the film. The scene was in the film's opening 20 minutes and is marked by an abrupt edit. When questioned by reporters, Peter Chan confirmed it but said it was due to storytelling needs. The fishing scene with Tang Wei was not originally in the script but added to increase Tang Wei's screen time. Peter Chan also noted that Tang Wei reminded him of Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl (!). Years ago, he named Maggie Cheung's character in his first film, Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye, Olive. (Xinhua), (Sina), (21cn)

Gordon Liu
Gordon Liu just completed his role in Painted Skin 2 where he plays Chen Kun's father. He is next heading to  Chengdu to film a comedy with Wilson Tong. (Sina)

Rong Xiang and Koji Yano play brothers in Crazy GPS

Now filming in Guangzhou

Jiang Wu

Jiang Wu plays a butcher in Wayne Wang's Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

A1: Yeoh eyes Oscars for new film 'The Lady'
CRI: Cathy Tsui Gives Birth to Baby Boy

MSN: Nicholas Tse to talk about his marriage woes
The latest on the Nicholas Tse - Cecilia Cheung divorce is that there won't be one.

MSN: Ray Chen’s exposé on Chinese celebs who went under the knife
Ray added, "Everyone used the same excuse to claim that it was due to a car accident. But, why would wounds from such accidents leave only a small scar on the chin? The scar appeared when Xiaoming got into an accident, and likewise for Lee Hom!"

Fan Bingbing


The trial of TVB general manager Stephen Chan and two others on fraud and corruption charges has begun in Hong Kong. All three have pleaded not guilty.


beyondasiaphilia said...

re: Tony Leung as Sun Yat-Sen.
I think Francis should play Sun Yat-Sen! Though he probably couldn't be trusted to approach the role with the dignity that the filmmakers require.

re: Fan Bing Bing. Her anime eyes have always scared me.

Walter said...

I thought I've read that Fan Bing Bing has admitted to having some work done. I don't think she needed to, but that's my opinion.

I also think Elva (who has admitted she got her eyelids done) didn't need that procedure either.

At least none of them look like Joan Rivers... yet!!!! 8-O!!!!

dleedlee said...

Yeah, no real news but I posted it anyway. :D