Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andrew Lin Has Many Talents

I've previously featured the artistic talents of Andrew Lin before on Dream Home and his 7 Deadly Sins exhibition in Beijing and Hong Kong.

His current projects include RZA's The Man With the Iron Fist, Tony Ching's The Sorceror and The White Snake and the Qian Xuesen biopic.

June 16

May 27 Iron Man

Spare parts

The Iron Man is  being made for a Louis Koo (?)

Andrew Lin acts in Qian Xuesen as well as doing the special effects makeup (Apr 7)

Early Iron Man

An orangutan for studio work, not a movie (Mar 20)

Andrew Lin is the co-owner of a special effects studio in Beijing and also serves as an instructor in makeup training and special effects. Check out his Cinemorph Make-up Effects Studio

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