Monday, August 1, 2011

8.1.2011 - News

AFP: Taiwan indignant over Venice film festival error
Taiwan has protested to the Venice film festival for wrongly listing a film vying for the Golden Lion award as co-produced by China
FBA: Taiwan protests Venice label

FBA: Thieves completes Macau casino raid

Mysterious Island - Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
There's a paradox about Chinese horror films. A genre subject to rigorous censorship pertaining to the supernatural, what's released is rarely good and no big director ever picks the genre. At the same time, what does succeed are often shoestring affairs, meaning great returns on little investment.

At a Mei Ah press conference in Beijing, it was announced that Yang Mi would be featured in four upcoming projects: Chinese Princess Turandot, Windseeker, Butterfly Cemetery and Great Wudang. Mei Ah will invest $300M in the four films.Windseeker is an espionage thriller about a blind man with extraordinary hearing. It  will be directed and written by Alan Mak and Felix Chong, respectively, and star Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Windseeker and Great Wudang will begin shooting in October for release next year.

Yang Mi is red hot and has plenty to be happy about

Butterfly Cemetery is based on an adaption of a story by suspense novelist Cai Jun (Deserted Inn, Curse of the Deserted)
Chinese Princess Turandot screenwriter Chan Khan


Great Wudang will be an action movie filmed at Wudang Mountain

Great Wudang
Director Patrick Leung Pak-Yin, producer Chan Khan, action director Corey Yuen

Mei Ah Entertainment Group Chairman Li Guo-Hsing

Mysterious Island "smashed" $80M box office

Alan Mak and Felix Chong's Overheard 2 opens Aug. 18 

Wu Fung, Kenneth Tsang Kong

Love in Space posters

Perfect Baby poster
Deng Chao stars in the Sino-French co-production
Deng Chao, Clemence Saint-Preux

The 13th ACGHK (Animation-Comics-Games Hong Kong) Fair opened Friday
Ada Wong, 21 year-old daughter of Wong Jing tries her hand at modeling


ewaffle said...

Looking at the picture--the only one of Ada Wong I have seen--she might want to stick with what she does best--being the daughter of a wealthy and powerful movie mogul.

dleedlee said...

She didn't seem to make much of a name for herself in her stints as an actress!

Anonymous said...

re: Huang Xiaoming fends off relationship rumours with his mother.

Somehow this headline sounded racier than the actual story.

dleedlee said...

Yeah, pretty tricky, huh? :D