Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saving General Yang - 7 Sketches

Sketches for seven of the characters, the seven sons of General Yang, in Ronny Yu's Saving General Yang [or, Saving General Young as THR had it] were released today at a press conference in Keifang, Henan Province to officially launch production. Besides Louis Koo, the cast includes Adam Cheng, Wu Chun, Li Chen, Yu Bo, Raymond Lam, Fu Xinbo and Vic Chou. The film is a co-production between Huayi Brothers and Raymond Wong's Pegasus Films. Raymond Wong is waiting for the doctor's final diagnosis to see whether Louis Koo can proceed or not. Louis Koo would play the oldest son to Adam Cheng's General Yang.

Yu Bo (second son)

Raymond Lam Fung (fifth son)

Wu Chun (sixth son)

Fu Xinbo (seventh son)

Vic Chou (third son), Wu Chun

Edmond Wong, Raymond Wong and five of the cast members

(Sina), 2

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