Monday, August 15, 2011

8.15.2011 - News

Realistic drama of a young woman's infatuation only loses its grip in the final reels.

A good-of-its-kind Malaysian excursion into docu-horror, combining shocks and humour.

Interesting story of Mainlanders in Hong Kong falls short of its potential.

Poster for Cash Chin's The Fruit is Ripe 33D
Newcomer Wu Qing-Qing plays the updated 21st century Peach who travels back in time from 2046 to "find the best seed of mankind". (Sina)

Funnyman Lam Chi-Chung (Lam Tsz-Chung) goes behind the camera to direct a comedy co-starring Wallace Huo, Dylan Kuo, Jing Tian and himself. The cast will also include Cheung Tat-Ming and Lam Suet. The plot involves a modern day otaku time-travelling to the Tang Dynasty era and Lam plays Tang Dyansty poet Li Bai.

Lam Chi-Chung
Jing Tian (Warring States)

Dylan Kuo

Wallace Huo

Hao Hao

Lam Chi-Chung, Dylan Kuo, Jing Tian, Wallace Huo, Hao Hao

CF: Zhang Ziyi Graces "ELLE" Magazine

Daniel Wu: Our biological clocks are ticking
MSN: Christy Chung admits to divorce, (Yahoo), (CNA)
MSN: Kelly Chen rumoured to have conceive a pair of twins succesfully
MSN: Tony Leung Ka-fai dines with a mystery girl, (2007: Tony and wife)
MSN: Wong Hei ousted from TVB?
Despite working at TVB for 16 years, the actor’s loyalty to Stephen Chan resulted in him being kicked out of the cable station

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Walter said...

Those are some nice photos of Zhang Ziyi... and my Asian friends wonder why I am a fan of hers! :)

Best wishes to Kelly Chen having kids. I think stress really affects women when it pertains to pregnancy. That's why those who are trying to get pregnant have a harder time than the "accidentally pregnant" women.

That's sad about Isabella Yang. So young! At least they have saved her in time.