Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8.3.2011 - News

Variety: Ocean Heaven review
Starring Jet Li in an uncharacteristic non-action role, "Ocean Heaven," about a dying man's attempt to assure the future for his autistic son, reps a modest success for Chinese femme scripter Xue Xiaolu in her helming debut.

ScreenDaily: Tony Leung to star in Mei Ah's spy thriller Windseeker
Another film also to start shooting in October is Da Wu Dang (literally translated as Big Wu Tang Clan). The film is set in the 1910s about a major martial arts contest taking place on the Wu Tang Mountain. Hong Kong’s Patrick Leung will direct with Corey Yuen action directing. The film will star Louis Fan, Chiu Man-Cheuk and Yang Mi.
Tsui Hark's Next Film: Popular War Tale in 3D (CRI)

CRI: 'Saving General Yang' Kicks off Filming
CF: "Saving General Yang" Kicks off in Henan
At the news conference Yu said that "this movie will be my next 'Fearless'. I'm very confident about making it the coolest film based on the story of the Yang family". Members of the cast visited Yang's Shrine following the news conference to worship the ancestors of the family.
FBA: Yu's Yang epic cranks up

FBA: 1965 edges towards its Beginning
The $5 million budget picture aims to be the first China-Singapore co-production.

CF: New Poster for "The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake" Released
Set in the turbulent period of the Republic of China, the film is about the female hero Qiu Jin's legendary life. The film emphasizes her skills as she blazed a path through the world of literature and the military.

Huang Yi

Xiong Xin Xin (Hung Yan Yan)

Dennis To (To Yue-Hong)

Deng Chao and Zheng Shuang in Gordon Chan's Mural
Opens Sept. 29 (Sina-gallery)

Overheard 2 - Huang Yi

Overheard 2- Michelle Ye

Louis Koo, Huang Yi

Huang Yi
Felix Chong explained why Zhang Jingchu was not brought back for the second installment of Overhead. First, Zhang Jingchu's schedule was incompatible and, second, to highlight that Overheard 2 is a new story. Coincidentally, Michelle Ye was used to dub Zhang Jingchu's Cantonese in the original film. Overheard 2 will be released Aug. 18. (Sina), 2

Lucas and movie dad Ekin Cheng (Sina-slideshow)

It is believed that Cecilia, who had reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers three times, had finally agreed to the split.
The Hong Kong actress is said to be making a comeback in showbiz

Shao Xiaoshan - spy?

The Banquet

31 year-old Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan posted on her microblog that she was forced to act as a "honey trap" for military intelligence since she was 17 years old. She seduced Western embassy officials, including the son of the French ambassador to China in 2007, to gather information. Shao claimed that she no longer wanted to do evil things, authorities no longer paid the cost of living and would not let her emigrate. She risked her life and was not exaggerating. The post was immediately removed and her agent said that it was a result of too much drinking.

 Shao acted as Zhang Ziyi's nude body double in Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet. But, afterwards, her American boyfriend abandoned her. (ifeng), (Sina)


Walter said...

I enjoyed "Ocean Heaven". Definitely a different type of movie for Jet Li, but he did a good job. :)

Did you see the NMA animation clip regarding Shao Xiaoshan? Their video clips always crack me up.

dleedlee said...

Somehow, I missed the video on my feed, thanks!

I still need to watch Ocean Heaven. I've heard that it was good.