Friday, August 5, 2011

Ning Hao's Latest Film - A Big Gold Robbery

Ning Hao held a press conference in Shanghai on the set of his new film "A Big Gold Robbery" (previously "Gold Mystery Case"). The story is about a gold heist from a big bank set in the 1930's Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. The film will include Huang Bo and Guo Tao in guest roles and other old familar faces but also new faces from Ning Hao's actors' training school. Otherwise, Ning Hao has been tight-lipped about the cast.  The bulk of the budget will be spent on props, sets and special effects. Ning Hao also declined to talk about his ill-fated film No Man's Land. But Ning Hao did say that the plot of Gold Robbery is about ordinary, little people being heroes against the big people.

Ning Hao

Cinematographer Zhao Fei 

Art Director Chen Siqin

Brother, can you spare a bar? 


Any spares for the US Treasury?


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