Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blocked - Beijing Press Conference

(Aug.30) Photos from a press conference in Beijing for Blocked (lit. Traffic Jam), a collection of stories with action, comedy, fantasy, suspense and black humor. Film opens in China on Oct. 14. Interestingly, all of the characters names are names of classic films, e.g., Francis Ng's is Rashomon.

Director A Nian (Ah Nian)

Francis Ng

Baha Guli, a Uighur model 

Chen Zhipeng (Banny Chan)

Ge Si-Ran

Wu Jun-Yu
Collar adjustment

Baha Guli

Ni Dahong, Ge Si-Ran

Various posters

An alternate English title?

Ni Dahong in a still from Blocked

(Sina), 2, 3


Anonymous said...

Frrrrancis! New movie, can't wait. What's that little yellow device he's carrying? Did he bring it just because it matches his sweater?

dleedlee said...

I dunno. Looks like it has ports, so maybe a tablet or book reader?