Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vivian Hsu - Vogue

In a recent interview with Vogue, Vivian Hsu revealed that she started working at fourteen. Growing up, Vivian was often displaced and moved forty two times. Her interest and goal in life is to buy properties and become a landlady in the future. As far as she is concerned, a house is a basic foundation for security.

Vivian likes to be silly as it serves to hide a brave heart. Growing up was up difficult period and her family was a haven. My mother was a remarkable woman raising us three kids and I liked to see her laugh but I often saw my mother in tears.

In order for her mother not to cry, Vivian desperately wanted to prove herself capable. "I always remember the first time I started working and brought home money. My mother still cried, but it was tears of joy. We finally have our own home and that evening when we ate dinner, we all wept together. It was happy tears because we did not have to move anymore."


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