Thursday, August 4, 2011

8.4.2011 - News

CRI: Chen Kaige Multi-tasking on Two Films
Chen is working on a film adaptation of the Chinese novel "Wang Shi", literally meaning "Deaths on the Internet", the Oriental Morning Post reports. The novel, written by Wen Yu, was first published and became popular on the Internet, and explores the negative influence of the cyber world on the real world. It was nominated for last year's Lu Xun Literary Prize, a major award for Chinese literature.

"Bait 3D" revolves around a tsunami that occurs off the Gold Coast of Australia and brings with it a school of bloodthirsty sharks. (Sina-gallery)

New posters and publicity stills for It's Love/The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Raymond Lam Fung

Charlene Choi
Wen Zhang

Zhang Ziyi is expected to be named to play the lead in Antoine Fuqua's film about legendary concubine Yang Guei Fei. (Sina)

In an interview, Zhang Hanyu revealed that he and Song Hye-Kyo will play husband and wife in John Woo's newly restarted "Pacific Steamer"   (working title, formerly "1949"). (Sina)

Stills from Treasure Hunt show funnyman Ronald Cheng in a "Tarzan" scene

Treasure Hunt opens Aug. 15 (Sina), (Sina-gallery)

"In the future, you will see a brand new, more dazzling, queenlier Cecilia Cheung"

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