Friday, August 19, 2011

8.19.2011 - News

Helping audiences re-live sweet memories — the bicycle ride to school, playing ball during recess, graduation and staying after school only to get closer to the girl you like, “You Are the Apple of My Eyes” has it all.

Release schedule

Wang moved to California to study medicine. His Christian parents arranged for him to stay with a Quaker family, but they turned out to be prominent radicals whose house was frequented by Black Panthers and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Wang soon abandoned medicine, attending the California College of Arts and Crafts to study film, and married a former Miss Hong Kong, Cora Miao – without telling his parents.

Great Magician poster featuring Lau Ching-Wan (Sina)

Louis Koo and Michelle Ye play husband and wife in Overheard 2

Changsha, Hunan premiere for Overheard 2 (Aug.18)

Huang Yi, Guangzhou premiere (Aug.17)

Rumour has is that Tang Wei and Zhou Xun are negotiating with Jin Chen (Warring States) for an upcoming film to begin shooting in September. Pop singer Han Geng and Shawn Yue's name are also being dropped. Cheng Pei-Pei is said to be one of the producers for the suspense, romance film hoping to duplicate the surprise success of Mysterious Island. The film is targeting a Valentine's Day release next year with a press conference scheduled for the end of August. Watch this space for who really gets cast.:D (Sina)

Jet Li rings the closing bell at the NYSE yesterday
Later, he spoke at the United Nations as WHO Goodwill Ambassador and the Chinese National Wushu Team performed (HunanTV)

TaipeiTimes: PopStop

CNA: Vicky Zhao and Zhou Xun reconcile their differences?

MSN: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung still in contact?
The pair appeared to be avoiding each other on the surface
Kan Kam-mui, the 87-year-old mother of late singer Anita Mui Yim-fong, is headed back to court.


Walter said...

I watched "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" and really liked it. I don't know why, but it seems every critic didn't like it, but people who saw the movie, enjoyed it.

Anyway, it brought back memories of my paternal grandmother (who had bound feet) and I did notice the cameo by Coco Chiang Yi. :)

My only complaint is that Li Bing Bing's character is supposed to be the same age as Jeon Jihyun's character, but she looks older (maybe because I know she's older in real life).

Speaking of Li Bing Bing - did you see this article?

Chinese 'golden spinsters' just can't get hitched Kind of irks me that Shu Qi would still be 'condemned' by people because she was in some soft core movies years ago.

dleedlee said...

Thanks for the link.

I hope Shu Qi finds a husband that makes her happy. She seems like a nice person that also knows how to have fun.

Walter said...

What confuses me is that Vivian Hsu was also in some 'revealing' movies early in her career, but people don't seem to bring that up (at least not very often).

Well, if people still condemn Tang Wei, all she has to do is go to another country and guys will be lined up to marry her (me included!). LOL!

ewaffle said...

Vicky Zhao and Zhou Xun reconcile their differences?

Perhaps so but I am waiting for the official word--the big-head cartoons of them playing nice.

dleedlee said...

Perhaps so but I am waiting for the official word--the big-head cartoons of them playing nice.

I'll certainly keep my eyes out for them!