Friday, August 5, 2011

8.5.2011 - News

TaipeiTimes: Blowfish review
Lee Chi-yuarn strikes a fine balance between style and content in his latest romance about a woman, a man and a blowfish
ChinaPost: Blowfish review
Blowfish” seeks itself to be a classy literary film, while announces itself to be a young, modern romance comedy-esk type. Hoping to grasp the best of both worlds, Blowfish only left the audience a head-scratching remark.

CF: "Tian Sheng Yi Dui" Eyeing New Year Holiday Release
Stellar Mega Films Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing yesterday to promote its latest comedy production, a remake of the 1985 film 'A Match Made by Heaven'.
Yang Mi (Sina)

The theme tune and music video are based on the classic Chinese love song, 'The Moon Represents My Heart'. The song, with its waltz-like lilt, has been covered by many performers and is one of China's most well known and popular love songs.

Aaron Kwok revealed that he "almost died on the moon" when his prop spacesuit failed to deliver enough oxygen on the first day of shooting. Due to import restrictions, a real spacesuit could not be cleared through customs. (Xinhua-gallery)

Director Gordon Chan's fantasy movie, "Mural" released a collection of still photos featuring the celebrity couple Deng Chao and Sun Li. Deng and Sun registered for marriage last February. Currently Sun is in pregnancy.

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop

CNA: Peter Chan reveals the secret to Takeshi Kaneshiro's success
Women love him while men could identify with him without feeling threatened.

MSN: Lucas Tse comforts Cecilia Cheung: I won’t go to Daddy
"Whenever I see them [my sons], I feel that the Lord has been very good to me. I spent the happiest days of my life with them," Cecilia said.

1997 nostalgia - Nicholas Tse magazine cover posted on weibo by fan

"The story they wrote is so colourful! Give them a round of applause," said Shu Qi sarcastically.MSN: Karen Mok to wed early October
MSN: Selina Jen’s fiancé denies he announced their wedding date

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