Monday, March 1, 2010

3.1.2010 - News

A Side, B Side/Side A, Side B (The Double Life)

Ning Ying's black comedy starring Zhang Jingchu is scheduled for a Apr.8 release. It is set in a mental hospital. (Sina) (Xinhua)

Stephen Chow aims for film empire
Stephen Chow Sing-chi is aiming to build a Chinese version of Time Warner in the mainland after being appointed executive director of Emcom International, reports Sing Tao Daily

A Comeback for ‘Lust, Caution’ Actress Tang Wei

Yu Shaoqun (

Jackie Chan plays a cooking monk in New Shaolin Temple.
A $10M yuan replica Shaolin Temple was built to avoid tourists and because the real temple has been modernized.

Andy Lau plays a warlord hiding out at Shaolin Temple

CRI: New Shaolin Temple, Literally

Future X-Cops

China Film Group officially announced a release date of Mar.30

(Feb.27) Hong Kong premiere of Echoes of the Rainbow

Simon Yam, Sandra Ng

Vicki Zhao, now seven months pregnant with a baby boy, will return to acting soon after delivery because property magnate husband Huang You Long reneged on promises to fund her planned wine-related enterprise, said Hong Kong media. 
Huang reneged on his promises once he found out that Zhao was pregnant. The 31-year-old reportedly even denied Zhao the right to openly call herself his wife.
Zhao was said to have become worried and spread the word that she will be returning to showbiz soon after giving birth, as a fallback plan if things with Huang do not work out. 


AngelaBaby met with fans to celebrate her 21st birthday
The theme was 'Back To School Birthday Party'

After a two year break Twins sing together at the EEG dinner in Macau (Feb.27)

Sammi Cheng's concert DVD has surpassed 150,000 and a second edition is being issued.


duriandave said...

Gosh... I didn't even know about Zhao Wei's marriage or her pregnancy. Sounds like she hooked up with the wrong guy.

dleedlee said...

Yeah, that was bad news. Zhao Wei deserves better than that.