Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3.3.2010 - News

Asia premiere for restored film treasure "Metropolis"
The Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) will present a new 35mm version of the reconstructed original cut of Fritz Lang's silent classic "Metropolis" (1927) as the opening film of the "Restored Treasures" series.

HK sex photos actress reunites with Twins bandmate
She [Gillian Chung] also recently finished shooting the romance "Ex," which will premiere as the closing movie at the Hong Kong International Film Festival on April 6.

Chow Yun-fat makes a commanding screen presence as "Confucius." Combining calm sagacity with a potent physicality that more than fills helmer Hu Mei's big visual stage, Chow carries the biopic almost single-handedly and prevents it from becoming overly respectful
THR: Little Big Soldier
Bottom Line: Jackie Chan's period action-adventure delivers, but without fireworks.
HK Magazine: Little Big Soldier
As the film’s title suggests, “Little Big Soldier” is a character study, not a sweeping war epic, and its approach to the Warring States Period is exciting, humorous and highly entertaining, even if it is not a groundbreaking movie.
Andy Tsang Tak-Wah (hkmdb)
Andy Tsang Tak-wah, 31, nicknamed the "little lizard" and claiming to be a casual actor and owner of a modeling company, was found guilty of rape in the High Court last month.

CRI: Tang Wei Received Career Backup in Hong Kong
Manfred Wong, chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association, posted an article on his blog on Tuesday, revealing that William Kong, president of Hong Kong-based Edko Films, is the man behind Tang's career renewal.
Jay Chou gets an image makeover to improve luck
The award-winning R&B singer recently exchanged verbal insults with Taiwanese rapper, Dog G, and got burnt by allegations from ex-label-mate, Devin Wu, who claimed that she lost her virginity to him when she was just 16.
Jay Chou unlikely to direct another TV drama after 'Pandamen'
"Pandamen" suffered low ratings in Taiwan despite being aired in its entirety. Cuts made to key scenes in the show by Chinese censors were previously blamed for its dismal showing in Guangzhou, China.

Chrissie Chau appearing for an eyewear brand
Little Olympic Girl Lin Miaoke is appearing in an upcoming mainland TV series

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