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12.01.2010 - News

Sacrifice loses steam in the second half
Sacrifice could have been a masterpiece.

The actor who is so loved today was never admitted to any acting school. Until 1978, he was a pig farmer in suburban Beijng, a legacy of the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). It was his role in a short skit on pig breeding that took him into a drama troupe.

The romantic TV series Eternal Moment that debuted 12 years ago is to have a big screen adaptation...Shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Bordeaux, France, the film will present three endings for the viewers to choose the one they like. (CRI)

FBA: Bruce Lee lacks punch at China box office

CNNGo: Ben Sin: Going to the movies sucks in Hong Kong
We never get to see what we want to see on the big screen, because film distributors are out of touch with reality

CRI: Heroines of 'The Yang Family' Unveiled

Fan Bingbing is reportedly joining the cast of Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmasters in an unknown role. Fan's agent could not confirm but said that she had been in contact with the director. (Sina)

Chow Yun-Fat and Jiang Wu in a scene from Let the Bullets Fly

Rocker Cui Jian and Christopher Doyle are collaborating on a new film, The Blue Bone, now filming in Beijing. Cui Jian summarized it as 'one song, two generations, three stories, four styles', a complicated story of a young man with multiple identities in love with a singer who is the boss' lover. The cast members are relative newcomers. Singer Mao Amin will appear in a cameo role.

Cui Jian, Christopher Doyle

Ni Hongjie

Andrew Lin announced he is getting married and that his wife is pregnant.

Andrew Lin - The Founding of a Party

Chrissie Chau featured in new ad campaign for makeup brand

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MSN: Ethan Ruan clears the air on film offers
MSN: Mother urges Lin Chi-ling to get married on her 36th birthday
MSN: Wang Xiaofei still uses a supplementary card from his mother
Barbie Hsu’s mother-in-law clarifies the state of her son’s wealth
The newly wedded couple’s option to purchase an apartment in Kunming was rejected

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