Monday, December 27, 2010

12.27.2010 - News

CRI: Feng Xiaogang's New Film to Focus on Chongqing Bombing

In Theater: 'Midnight Beating' (CRI)
The creepy story takes place in a hospital. The patient in Room 314 dies and no one knows what killed him. His doctor, Gu Zhensheng, becomes the number-one suspect. But, you know, it never rains, it pours. After the incident, Gu Zhensheng often runs into female ghosts at midnight.

Raymond Wong in makeup and costume for All's Well Ends Well 2011

Chapman To at the Beijing premiere of The Kidnap (Dec.27)

Ye Yiqing, director Gu Yu, Zhao Meitong

Not forgetting to send pictures to Weibo

Tsui Hark, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Mavis Fan, Guei Lun-Mei
The cast of Tsui Hark's Flying Swords of Dragon Gate celebrate Guei Lun-Mei's birthday. (Dec.25)

Taipei CD promo appearance

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