Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 Short Films From Pang Ho-Cheung

Part of Pang Ho-Cheung's '4+1 Project', a few links, below, to the quartet of internet-released short films, collectively 四夜奇譚 (Four Fantastic Night Tales). Co-produced by Samsung and Sina, you'll see cellphones and weibo heavily featured in the stories. It recalls the BMW short film/advert series (directed by Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai, Guy Ritchie, et al) of more than few years past (wow, was it really 2001?). I have a dodgy ISP so I only viewed brief snippets of these films. Quite interesting from what I've seen. Hopefully, an English-subbed version will be available in the future -- but I won't hold my breath. Pang Ho-Cheung is currently Hong Kong's most interesting filmmaker, but after the success of Dream Home and Love in a Puff earlier this year Pang has since moved his base of operations to Beijing.

 Translations are more mangled than usual. :D (HKMDB)

1) Nail Clipper Demon 指甲刀人魔 (8.6/10)
Dir. Derek Tsang, Jimmy Wan, starring Zhou Xun, Lawrence Chou

2) War on a Big Lie 謊言大作戰 (8.6)
Dir. Leste Chan, starring Shawn Yue, Weng Hong Rong

3) Fake Show, Real Act 假戲真作 (5.6)
Dir. Leste Chen starring Stanley Huang, Zhao Huixian

4) Love in the Time of Spreading Weibo 爱在微博蔓延时 (9.2)
Dir. Leste Chen, starring Zhang Jingchu, Zhu Yuchen


Anonymous said...

Thanks, D! I will try the linkies shortly.

I agree that PHC is the most interesting filmmaker in HK these days and, yes, it's ironic that he's set up shop in Beijing. Sign o' the times, no doubt. I'd hate to see Cantonese-language movies disappear again so hopefully HK filmmakers will be able to figure out a way to keep making movies without being completely subsumed by the mainland.

dleedlee said...

I think Derek Tsang's Frozen, Pang's Love in a Puff and also Bruce Lee, My Brother were among films released in Cantonese versions for southern China, i.e., Guangdong.

I was surprised to read that Johnnie To is also moving/moved to a Mainland-based operation. I must have missed that report originally.