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12.08.2010 - News

Michelle Yeoh to portray Aung San Suu Kyi on filmCNNGo
According to the Bangkok Post, the movie is titled "Dans la Lumiere" and will be directed by Luc Besson. A French production team is already wrapping up location shooting in Thailand, which will stand for Myanmar in the movie. (Thanks, Dave!)
Michelle Yeoh
Aung San Suu Kyi, Michelle Yeoh
  (Sina), 2

THR: Abacus and Sword -- Film Review (Japan)
In Asia, where accountants are often considered hotter dates than rock stars, many will find Yoshimitsu Morishita’s portrait of a book-keeping samurai who is lousy at kendo but brilliant at computation and penny-pinching is funny and endearing.

CRI: Barbie Hsu Joins 'My Kingdom
In "My Kingdom", Hsu joins Wu Chun ("14 Blades") and Han Geng for a 1920s tale of two brothers' quest for fame, love and revenge.
CRI: Xu Jinglei's Look in 'Eternal Moment
Twelve years ago, Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng, who just graduated from university, starred in the trendy TV drama "Cherish Our Love Forever", which won them fame and popularity. Zhang Yibai, director of the TV drama, assembled the original cast to make the movie sequel.
Kevin Chu's costume comedy Just Call Me Nobody made RMB60.9 million ($9.1 million) over the three-day weekend in China, keeping Chen Kaige's Sacrifice off the top of the charts...Nobody stars Xiao as a cobbler who learns martial arts from Jacky Wu's hermit. Zhao, also the major financier of the film, stars as a bandit who is also skilled in martial arts.

Kara Hui Ying-Hung in costume as vilainous demon for Wilson Yip's Chinese Ghost Story

Carina Lau arriving for Let the Bullets Fly press conference in Beijing. (Dec.6)

A scar on her chin revealed

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