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12.15.2010 - News

Santa, are you reading?

Singapore-based company has unveiled a video jukebox dubbed ZiiEagle. While the product name provides little hint of its capability, the ZiiEagle is supposed to be a movie box preloaded with 668 Shaw Brothers Chinese films. The collection includes The Kingdom and the Beauty and One-Armed Swordsman, which should appeal to classic movie buffs, as well as retirees. Included in the package are also around 200 titles not released on DVDs and TV. (Cnet - Crave)

THR: China's Gong Li Supports Film Ratings System
Maybe it should say "Singapore's Gong Li" :D

James Hong talks acting, "Safe"
"As long as I have the talent and there's a demand for the old Chinese man - whether he's a philosopher, or a master, or an old-time restaurant owner, or a villain, or a so-called good guy - I will always be working," he said.
James Hong

Wang, 44, first caught the world’s eye with Berlin Silver Bear-winning Beijing Bicycle (2001) and most recently competed at Cannes with Chongqing Blues. Eleven tells the autobiographical story of four 10-year-old boys discovering the world of adults -- and its violence and sexuality -- at the end of China’s decade-long Cultural Revolution.

CRI: 'The Road Less Traveled' to Hit Cinemas on Dec. 31
The movie tells the story of a van driver (Louis Koo) who kills a restaurant owner (Yin Xiaotian) in a car accident. When he finds out that Yin's wife (Huang Yi) is pregnant and has to work hard to run her husband's business, he decides to help her even though it may anger his girlfriend (Karen Mok). (Sina)

FBA: Lover's Discourse (5/10)
Well-cast but thinly scripted portmanteau drama with overlapping characters in separate stories. 

Richie Ren in Lady Generals of the Yang Family

14 year-old Zhou Mengqiao is thought to be the latest of 13 'mou girls' to be cast in Zhang Yimou's 13 Women of Jinling (aka Nanjing). In recent weeks Zhang has been training and auditioning young girls to play in his latest production. Also, Zhang has been trying to cast a big name Hollywood name in the film. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks were in the running, Hanks' fee was reportedly half the film's budget. The latest rumor is that Leonardo DiCaprio has agreed to appear but an official announcement is pending. (Sina)

Shu Qi isn't afraid to post a picture of her grey hair, or 'accumulated wisdom' as she calls it

Shu Qi blogged, 'Fat' is a word temporarily disappeared from her dictionary

The Chinese singer said she would not be attending the New Year’s Gala with her family.

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